About Hatch

Since Hatch’s founding in 1984, our vision is to ignite lifelong learning and close the achievement gap.


Every company is driven by a "why"

For Hatch, what has driven us for almost 4 decades is our understanding that access to high-quality early learning is critical to long-term success. We know that 90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten and the achievement gap, which is starting earlier and earlier, can lead to long term detrimental outcomes. We believe our innovative resources can help ensure equitable education opportunities are available for children, specifically those in traditionally underserved communities. The full focus of our organization is developing digital learning solutions which support children served by public-funded preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten programs nationwide to help ensure they are prepared for success in school and beyond. ​

We Believe

  • That digital learning tools can have a powerful impact on a child’s development and future outcomes
  • Empowering educators and supporting families are key components to children’s success ​
  • In continuous improvement and iteration based on research related to best practices for how children learn
  • Ensuring the security & privacy of all children in everything we do 
  • Children’s creativity and imaginations are limitless 
  • In providing learning opportunities that mirror children’s experiences and provide windows into the lives of others, opening doors into the diverse world around them
  • Every child can find joy and success in learning

Why Hatch?

What Our Users are Saying

“After only two weeks of using Ignite, I was really pleased to hear that the children were already at 70% kinder ready! That to me was very impressive. Being able to look at the success and growth across schools speaks volumes to the program.” –Sandra Lopez Assistant Superintendent, Elementary Brownsville CISD

“The children are very engaged with Ignite! I’m glad you have both Spanish and English; it’s good for kids to use their language and learn through problem solving. Ignite reinforces our curriculum and the children are improving!” –Joanne Duncan, teacher at Business Child Development

“Hatch is so engaging! If I had a choice, I would have it going all of the time!” –Wendi Acosta, Toledo Public Schools

What Our Employees are Saying

I have always admired educators and the work they do so I am Hatch because I want to make educators day-to-day easier so they can spend more time working 1:1 with children.–VP of Product

As a former early childhood educator myself, I am committed to creating the best educational experiences to ensure all children have the tools they need to be ready to learn” –VP of Research and Content

I have worked at Hatch for 20 years and have seen the impact our products have on the lives of children and educators all across the country. That’s what keeps me here and working everyday” –President of Hatch Early Learning

Meet the Team

  • mattel-brandon-bibbins-107-1

    Alexandra Post Miller

    Vice President of Research and Content

  • Yaztoday-1

    John Yazumbek

    Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration

  • srikar

    Srikar Dronam

    Vice President of Product Innovation

  • JK

    Jatin Kalra

    Vice President of Technology

  • carrie-donovan

    Carrie Donovan

    Senior Director of Marketing

  • Matt-A

    Matt Ankerson

    Director of Human Resources

 "Ignite has played a pivotal role in continual learning, during the pandemic.  Education keeps evolving, and Ignite certainly kept us on task."
Kim McCroy

“I've been working with HATCH for 15 years. Their customer service and technical support have always been EXCELLENT.” 
Kathy Manning

“Hatch stands behind their products! Great company and employees! We love Hatch!”

Denise Barnes
"I love Hatch because of their commitment to making learning fun!"
Kindergarten teacher from pilot
"We chose Hatch because we were looking for a company that believes in all children and aligns with our district’s core mission to ensure all children are reading by third grade."
Admin Quote
"Hatch has everything we need to support learning in our classrooms and the people who work there are always there for us."
PreK/Head Start Provider

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