About Hatch

Hatch Early Learning is on a mission to create thoughtful, innovative early learning solutions, fueled by research so that every child is prepared for school success!


Who We Are

Since 1984, Hatch has been a pioneer in delivering developmentally appropriate solutions to early childhood classrooms. In fact, in the late 80s, Hatch was the first company to implement computers in Head Start classrooms.

As technology and learning have evolved over the last 30 years, Hatch continues to be the leader in how early learning programs and the children they serve benefit from technology. In August 2019, we launched Ignite™ by Hatch, the first whole child-focused learning platform for children preschool 3 through Kindergarten. This innovation propels a child’s development and empowers teachers with data to help each child reach their potential.

By bringing together the right people, information, innovations, and tools to improve child outcomes, Hatch is the trusted partner for early learning programs nationwide.

Hatch Vision

Ignite learning and close the achievement gap before it starts. When we support children early in their lives, we all benefit.

Meet the Team

  • ginny-norton

    Ginny Norton


  • Sarah Zona Photo

    Sarah Zona

    Vice President of Sales

  • Yaztoday-1

    John Yazumbek

    Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration

  • srikar

    Srikar Dronam

    Vice President of Product Innovation

  • JK

    Jatin Kalra

    Vice President of Technology

  • carrie-donovan

    Carrie Donovan

    Senior Director of Marketing

  • Matt-A

    Matt Ankerson

    Director of Human Resources

  • mattel-brandon-bibbins-107-1

    Alexandra Post Miller

    Vice President of Research and Content

 "Ignite has played a pivotal role in continual learning, during the pandemic.  Education keeps evolving, and Ignite certainly kept us on task."
Kim McCroy

“I've been working with HATCH for 15 years. Their customer service and technical support have always been EXCELLENT.” 
Kathy Manning

“Hatch stands behind their products! Great company and employees! We love Hatch!”

Denise Barnes