Interactive Panel Software for Early Learning Classrooms

All New for 2024! IgnitePanel by Hatch™ is a game-changing interactive panel software solution that revolutionizes early childhood classroom instruction thanks to its inclusion of standards-aligned early learning lessons and activities. Educators can effortlessly plan and implement research-based activities tailored to individual learners. Hatch’s software is loaded with hands-on, engaging, and developmentally appropriate content that enables teachers to foster truly collaborative learning experiences. IgnitePanel is the ultimate whole-class solution.


Simple Classroom Management

Created to save hours of planning and help teachers manage their busy classroom environment, IgnitePanel’s preschool classroom management software has over 1,600 guided play activities that are perfect for circle time, small groups and one-on-one instruction.

  • Robust, engaging activities that are aligned to the latest standards from Teaching Strategies GOLD, DRDP, and much more.

  • Strategies and activities backed by the most current educational research

  • Engaging resources built intentionally for early learners

  • The ability for teachers to build and edit their own content and lessons using provided templates.

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Effortless Personalized Learning

The all-new IgnitePanel brings even more capability to classroom planning. It empowers teachers to save student work samples from a library of activities, allowing a panoramic understanding of pre- and post-instruction impacts. Streamline lesson planning and monitoring student growth with IgnitePanel, unlocking a new level of efficiency and engagement in early childhood classrooms.

  • Student work samples can be saved into individual portfolios which are easy to reference throughout the year and share with parents.
  • Scaffolded activities meet all skill levels and allow teachers to plan for each child in their classroom.
  • Activities are available in Spanish and English and align to learning standards.

Useful Data That Connects to Insights by Hatch™

IgnitePanel connects with Insights™, Hatch’s powerful educator dashboard, for easy access to critical classroom usage and activity data. Administrators and teachers can monitor panel utilization, review activity usage reports, see “most popular” categories, check the update status of their device, and access support from Hatch with ease.

Capture Language and Writing Samples

Teachers have unique opportunities to capture storytelling recordings that monitor a child's comprehension of both written and oral, literacy and math concepts. IgnitePanel allows teachers to save real-time audio and video clips of their students' work samples and document their progress over time. These digital portfolios help inform child assessment and parent-teacher conferences. Collecting language samples and the pre-recording feature can also help to preserve native languages.

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Foster a Truly collaborative Learning Experience

IgnitePanel is a software solution loaded with hands-on, engaging, and developmentally appropriate content that enables teachers to manage a collaborative whole-class, small group, or one-on-one learning experiences! This powerful software may be used on Hatch’s interactive panel featuring robust virtual tools (drawing tools, a media recorder, and many more!) or on your own device.

  1. Our students enjoy the vast digital experiences, and the has sparked more social interactions. Hatch products are used daily in my classroom.

    Latina Perez, Teacher