In response to the disruption in early childhood programs and the critical need for flexibility, Hatch Early Learning is connecting classroom and home learning. Ignite by Hatch™ is a kindergarten readiness platform that supports continuous learning by enabling a child to play from any location while teachers monitor progress using a robust suite of reports.

Flexible, continuous learning

Classroom + Distance Learning: At the center of Connected Learning is Ignite by Hatch™, a digital learning platform that provides quality, research-based experiences that enable continuous learning within and beyond the classroom.

  • Enable rapid response to changes in learning environments
  • Ensure continued connection between teachers and families
  • Support continuous, data-driven learning for kindergarten readiness
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What is Ignite by Hatch?

Ignite by Hatch is a digital learning platform offering 203 play-based curricular experiences that engage, instruct, and assess children in 7 domains of development. Ignite responds to and builds on the skills of each child, while keeping teachers informed of their progress. Used in Pre-K classrooms across the country, Ignite has been vetted by industry experts and endorsed by teachers and other educational professionals to help children achieve kindergarten readiness goals.

The Ignite by Hatch app can be loaded on nearly any device with a touch screen, making it ideal for home and classroom use. View compatible devices here.

Psstt… if your classroom doesn’t have touchscreen technology, check out Hatch devices made especially for early learners to ensure digital equity.

Teacher and preschool child playing on a Hatch tablet for preschool Teacher and preschool child playing on a Hatch tablet for preschool

Whole-Child Focus

Ignite by Hatch is based on extensive research. Children may call them “games,” but the 203 learning experiences within Ignite are sophisticated tools covering 7 domains of learning

This whole-child focus helps children build essential skills even beyond academics. They build confidence as learners and have a great time doing it!

Individualized Learning

The Ignite platform is adaptable, responding to and building on the skills of each child, to ensure mastery of skills before progressing.

Teachers are provided real-time data on each child’s progress, so they can see if and where a child is struggling. They can also access teacher-led curricular experiences to address needs on an individual or small-group basis. This facilitates lesson-planning and helps ensure children receive the instruction they need to meet kindergarten readiness goals.

Ongoing & Outcomes-Based Reports

  • Show the duration of time each child engages with Ignite.
  • Display progress of each child by subdomain of development.
  • Group children together strategically for small group instruction.
  • Track each child’s progress over the course of the year.
  • Capture the kindergarten readiness level of each child, by subdomain, throughout the year and at year-end

Parent Engagement

Children are more likely to succeed when parents are involved in their learning. If a child is using Ignite at school, parents can follow progress , see images of work created, and access activities they can do at home—all within the parent dashboard.

Since a child’s progress playing Ignite at home will be shared with his or her teacher, learning can continue even when illness or weather conditions keep children out of school!

Professional Development

Programs function best when children, teachers, parents, and administrators are fully engaged with one another. That’s why we’ve created a series of on-demand webinars for educators, including:

  • The Optimization of Distance Learning
  • Utilizing Data, Technology, and Curricular Resources
  • Engaging Families through Connected Learning

Connected Learning

Digital Equity

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the lack of available technology to support effective learning outside of the classroom. Disruptions to learning can have a major impact on a child’s trajectory. Technology that enables continuous learning, with minimal disruption, is essential. Digital equity addresses this need, with solutions that ensure children can access and use technology to foster learning, wherever they are.

2020 EdTech Awards
Ignite by Hatch was a
COOL TOOL finalist, and
Hatch Early Learning was
Trendsetter Finalist.

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