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Standards-based, Research-backed Technology

Hatch prepares early learners for success by creating play-based technologies that engage and instruct children while providing teachers with data and curricular experiences to help each child succeed.


Ignite Learning with a Whole-Child Approach

Ignite by Hatch is a digital learning platform anchored in a child-facing app that delivers engaging, research-based learning experiences through a dynamic digital play environment.

In as little as 30 minutes of independent, purposeful practice per week, children make meaningful progress towards their school readiness goals.

Through a rich data dashboard, teachers and administrators are provided real-time data to inform daily individualized instruction and evidence for developmentally appropriate assessment systems.



Building Foundational Skills to Last a Lifetime

Available in English and Spanish, Ignite by Hatch combines ongoing formative assessment and foundational skills development with robust teacher support aimed to increase the utilization of data-driven instruction while lessening the burden on teachers. Designed for children to use up to 30 minutes each week in the classroom or at home, Ignite by Hatch complements the implementation of any developmentally appropriate curriculum and assessment program.


Engaging and Motivating

The child-facing app is an engaging digital play space made up of research-based, scaffolded digital experiences. Motivation surges as the program allows children to create a customized avatar, select pathways, and join animated guides to complete learning experiences in an engaging digital environment.

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Fueling Data-Driven Instruction

Children's learning journeys are as unique as children themselves. By employing a powerful combination of personalized learning, embedded assessment, and complementary technology, with data-driven real-time reports, teachers can ensure each child is working toward their individual goals and milestones, on the path to being a successful learner.

Data That Informs Learning

A robust educator dashboard of real-time data and reports extends teachers' learning ability to collect objective evidence for assessment and support children through individualized instruction.


Guided Practice

Ignite by Hatch provides children with Guided Practice Experiences to support continued skill development in math and literacy as children demonstrate they need support with skills within these two domains.

Designed using a gradual release model (l do, we do, you do), Guided Practice Experiences scaffold skill development using visual and/or verbal supports that build confidence and independence with foundational math and literacy skills.

See How Guided Practice Works

Flexible Implementation

Ignite was built to work in any scenario—wherever learning takes place! 

You can feel confident that Ignite supports children wherever they are learning because we are constantly making improvements based on research, best practices, and feedback from users like you!

To learn about our latest improvements, click here!

  1. This is a great program, and at the same time it allows me to see the progress of the children, and at the same time helps me for the rating of their DRDP's (Desired Results Developmental Profile). Graciela Curiel, Preschool - California