Save Time on Teaching Strategies GOLD® Assessment Documentation

Hatch Early Learning and Teaching Strategies have partnered together to create HatchSync powered by GOLD®, a connection between device and assessment that captures preschool assessment documentation through the results of a child's independent play. Teachers can collect documentation more easily than ever before!

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How Does it Work?

Ignite by Hatch is fully integrated with GOLD® by Teaching Strategies®. As children play, data is collected on their progress and automatically sent to GOLD® as documentation in a child’s portfolio. Ignite provides objective and ongoing documentation, accurately scored for 40 of the 75 Objectives and Dimensions in GOLD® by Teaching Strategies®.

Data flowing from Ignite by Hatch to Teaching Strategies GOLD via HatchSync

Children play Ignite by Hatch...

  • Children play games that build the skills essential for success in Kindergarten.
  • Teachers evaluate the data captured and inform their instruction based of the unbiased information collected.
  • Progress information is captured and monitored in real time through the Hatch Insights report dashboard.
  • The skills are aligned and matched to 40 of the 75 Objectives and Dimensions found in GOLD®.
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...and the data collected seamlessly appears in GOLD®!

  • Progress information that comes directly from the child's play is sent to GOLD® as documentation that teachers do not have to write or create themselves.
  • This documentation helps to answer the question "What does this child know"?
  • Teachers have even more documentation to inform their formative assessment decisions.
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Success is Already Happening!

Preschool child holding Hatch tablet that's sending documentation to Teaching Strategies GOLD

50,000 children

are actively learning while playing Ignite by Hatch for 30 minutes each week.

3 million Ignite by Hatch game sessions

have been captured and sent as documentation to GOLD®.

487 organizations

are seeing the results of HatchSync powered by GOLD®.

These numbers will only continue to grow as more classrooms access the benefits of the HatchSync powered by GOLD® connector.

Ready to learn more?

This powerful connection can help ensure that children are well prepared for school and beyond. Get started with HatchSync powered by GOLD® today!

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