Insights by Hatch Provides Actionable Data to Inform Instruction and Extend Your Impact

Insights by Hatch™ is a robust administrator and teacher dashboard designed to provide clear, actionable student data, enabling educators to enhance classroom instruction, assess student growth effectively, coordinate with families, and save valuable time.


HatchSync Provides a Seamless Connection Between Insights and Teaching Strategies GOLD Saving Teachers Countless Documentation Hours

If you use Teaching Strategies GOLD® for documentation, your teachers can save time using HatchSync®. Data from student activity on Ignite™ and IgniteTable™ seamlessly integrates with GOLD. As kids engage in play, their progress is effortlessly documented in Insights by Hatch™ and transmitted to GOLD, enriching each child's portfolio. Ignite ensures precise and continuous documentation, accurately scored for 40 out of the 75 Objectives and Dimensions in GOLD. Similarly, IgniteTable aligns with 17 Teaching Strategies GOLD objectives, sending documents for 34 unique items. With this integration, teachers can effortlessly gather documentation like never before!


Success is Already Happening!

  • 150,000 children are actively learning while playing Ignite by Hatch for 30 minutes each week.
  • Millions of Ignite by Hatch game sessions have been captured and sent as documentation to GOLD.
These numbers will only continue to grow as more classrooms access the benefits of the HatchSync® powered by GOLD® connector.
  1. Ignite syncs to Teaching Strategies – which is fantastic. That was one of the hardest things, was getting all of those Teaching Strategies anecdotal notes and data. Ignite is data-driven and syncs to the data that I need the most. Ignite has great reports that I can send to parents and that I can use. —Melissa Fanguy, Pre-K Teacher, North Larose Elementary School
  2. Hatch has allowed me to put down my observation clipboard that I used to walk around with regularly and engage in more meaningful ways with my students. Knowing that Hatch is inputting data directly into Teaching Strategies GOLD lessens that burden for me and creates great opportunity to improve teacher-student interpersonal connections. —Aleah Ramey