All Hatch Tools Are Backed By Research

All Hatch digital learning tools are developed on a foundation of rigorous research and validated by third-party studies, ensuring our products deliver positive outcomes for all children.

  • Research Foundation: IgniteTable

  • Social-Emotional Learning in Authentic Ways: Generating Solutions for the Early Childhood Program

  • Formative Evaluation of the Ignite Experiences for Young Children from Hatch Early Learning

  • A Whole Child Approach: Bridging the Digital Divide with Ignite by Hatch™

  • A Successful Implementation of Ignite by Hatch™ in Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms in one Large U.S. School District

  • The Ignite by Hatch™
    Overview of Growth

  • The Ignite by Hatch™
    Technical Report

  • The Ignite by Hatch™
    Criteria Report

  • Research Foundation:
    Ignite by Hatch™

  • Ignite Full-Year Report

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