Professional Development

Hatch Professional Development offerings are delivered by our team of expert trainers and are designed to ensure attendees are provided with actionable strategies that ensure highly effective implementation, integration, ongoing utilization of technology. 


Available Training Sessions

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Ignite: Putting it all Together–Using Ignite Data to Inform Instruction

This virtual, 3-hour session is designed to support teachers as they maximize instruction through data driven decisions. In this collaborative session, we will explore and simplify early learning standards, discuss how/when/why we observe young children, evaluate the ways of collecting and analyzing meaningful data, and put our analysis data to practice by finding resources to be intentional with instructional planning.

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Ignite by Hatch™ Essentials

In this 3-part mixed delivery training, attendees learn everything they need to know to implement and effectively utilize Ignite and Insights. This session is ideal for attendees new to Hatch products and is appropriate for any of the following audience types: Teachers, Administrators, and/or Instructional Coaches (or a combination of all three types).

Part 1: Asynchronous Learning 
7-days prior to the Part 2 (trainer-led, live session), attendees will receive access to a one-hour pre-recorded video through which they will engage with the Ignite by Hatch™ software and hardware, experience the digital experiences as young learners do, and review other foundational elements of Ignite. 

Part 2: Live, Trainer Led, Interactive Virtual Session 
During this live, 90-minute virtual session led by a Hatch Training Expert, attendees will engage in an interactive tour of Hatch Insights, the Hatch Hub, and other important features of Ignite! Attendees will identify strategies for effective application and prepare direct plans of implementation.

Part 3: Knowledge Check 
After completing the live, Part 2 session, attendees receive another asynchronous recording that enables them to exhibit knowledge gained from Parts 1 and 2. In addition, Part 3 reinforces data-driven instructional practices and invites attendees to formalize next steps for ongoing utilization of the Ignite learning platform! 


Train-The-Trainer for Ignite by Hatch™ Essentials

This is a 2-day option that delivers learner-centric workshops in a lively and interactive training environment. The train-the-trainer workshops are designed for instructional coaches, facilitators, training managers, and/or other instructors who will train others within your program to implement Ignite by Hatch.

During the first day, attendees will dive into adult learning, the learning environment, best practices, how we impact our learners and a dissection of the content to prepare you for redelivery to your organization. On day two, we will focus on building a deeper understanding of Ignite and attendees will practice delivering the training content. Attendees will receive feedback to support their facilitation of the content, and upon completion of day two, attendees will be certified to deliver Ignite within their respective agencies.

Hatch will continue to utilize support and coaching for one-year after day two of the Train-the-Trainer sessions. With defined learning objectives and plenty of practice, feedback, and collaboration, you will experience true performance-based-learning! Both training days need to be completed consecutively. To be certified to deliver Ignite trainings, full-time attendance is required for both days.

*Prerequisite Session Required: Ignite by Hatch™ Essentials

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Foundations Training for TeachSmart® / CoreFocus (TS/CF)

In this 2-hour, hands-on session, teachers learn the basic skills they need to implement TeachSmart®.

Attendees explore the various activities within TeachSmart® Teaching Guide and discuss strategies for classroom integration and Daily Activity Plans. Attendees create classroom portfolios explore the features of assessment documentation. 

This training is ideal for teachers and administrators new to the implementation and utilization of TS/CF.

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IgniteTable by Hatch™

Foundations Training for IgniteTable

In this 2-hour, hands-on session, teachers learn the basic skills they need to implement IgniteTable. 

We will review the benefits of this multiplayer solution as it relates to social-emotional development, discuss strategies for classroom integration and child progress monitoring, and engage in setting up their classroom. Teachers review authentic recordings to determine how to best utilize said recordings to support communication skills development and young learners.