It’s difficult to keep up with the latest news and innovations. But don’t worry! Our team of Hatch experts is here to help. Hatch experts stay informed of trends and current topics and create professional development courses to help administrators, teachers, and parents align efforts to support early learners.

Connected Learning Training

$650 per organization

The key word in education today is flexibility! Whether learning is taking place in the classroom or at home, what is certain is that children must keep learning. Educational programs need plans that bridge the gap between distance and classroom learning while keeping children, parents, and teachers connected.

Few early education teachers have been trained in remote teaching. This series tackles the challenges teachers are facing today and provides strategies for keeping early learners on the path to kindergarten readiness.

Prepare for the school year:

  • Best practices for implementing distance learning
  • On-demand, pre-recorded segments for easy scheduling
  • Participants engage individually or in groups
  • Unlimited access for 3 months

$650 per organization

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Topics included in the training:

  • Optimization of Distance Learning
  • Building a Community of Learners
  • Maximizing Instruction Through DataDriven Decisions
  • Engaging Families through Connected Learning

Family Engagement Webinar Series

$299 per class

Support your program’s families! Families play a critical role in how preschoolers learn in the best of times, and they have an even more critical role now. To support families in the early childhood education journey, Hatch Early Early Learning developed a new on-demand learning course.

Our Family Engagement webinar series is a convenient way programs can support parents when their children need to learn remotely. The series, created with busy parents in mind, is made up of short webinars designed to provide families with best practices for learning at home.

Supporting parents of early learners:

  • Best practices for parents with children learning remotely
  • On-demand, pre-recorded segments
  • Each webinar is under 20 minutes
  • Total video view time is 90 minutes
  • Unlimited access for 6 months

$299 per class

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Topics included in the series:

  • Healthy at Home
  • Importance of Active Play
  • Managing Big Emotions
  • Distance Learning Home Environments
  • How to Prepare for Kindergarten Transition
  • STEM at Home
  • Outdoor Play
  • Strategies for Teaching My Child at Home

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Coming Soon! Professional Development for Center Directors

Still under development, this upcoming course will provide training for Center Directors on subjects such as how to maximize the efficacy of distance learning in their programs, lead like a superhero, and support families of children with special needs.

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