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New TeachSmart!
New TeachSmart!
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Transform the Way You Teach!

This teacher-led solution serves as a launchpad to increase peer-to-peer dialogue and engagement, as well as thoughtful activities. With easy-to-schedule activities, teachers can plan the entire school year at once and launch their plan one day at a time!



Complete Solutions

Designed with Children in Mind

Our TeachSmart software comes pre-installed on the Hatch Interactive Displays. The technology is installed at child-appropriate heights, which allows early access for your learners. Hatch's Interactive Displays are designed to withstand the rigors of the early learning classroom environment; durable, safe and easy-to-clean.

TeachSmart Interactive Display Pedestal

Hatch Interactive Display - Wall Mount

The Hatch Interactive Display is a durable multi-touch 65" HD touchscreen display handcrafted for the early learning environment.

The Hatch Interactive Display is a durable multi-touch 65"...


TeachSmart Interactive Display Wall Mounted

Hatch Interactive Display - Mobile Stand

The Hatch Interactive Display - Mobile Stand features a multi-touch 65” 4K touchscreen display on a safe, durable and portable stand that’s designed for the early learning environment.

The Hatch Interactive Display - Mobile Sta....


Captivating Content with the Touch of a Button

TeachSmart supports the latest research and a variety of national standards. The software incorporates the utilization of real photography, a licensed speech pathologist, and scaffolding for every lesson. Our TeachSmart solution is developmentally appropriate technology that seamlessly integrates into your classrooms and curriculum.

Access Engaging Activities or Make Your Own

The Hatch TeachSmart Interactive Display comes with over 1,600 research-based activities in English and Spanish that build math, literacy, science, and social studies skills. Scaffolded levels allow children to develop at their own pace without feeling like they are behind. TeachSmart activities can be modified to meet the special interests of the children in your classroom. Step-by-step instructions guide teachers who want to create their own activities.

 Literacy Activity  Math Activity  Science Activity


The TeachSmart Interactive Display.........

Capture Language & Writing Samples

Teachers have unique opportunities to collect language samples and storytelling recordings to monitor a child's comprehension of written and oral language and math concepts. TeachSmart allows teachers to save real-time audio & video clips of children's work samples and document their progress over time. This feature helps inform child assessment and parent-teacher conferences.

 Digital Portfolio


Teachers have unique opportunities to collect language...

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Software

CoreFocus® is a software solution for interactive displays that provide a full year of activities and specifies each child's optimal learning zone that is aligned to the Common Core. CoreFocus' cross-curricular, adaptive learning program for kindergarteners and first graders is recommended for Hatch technology, but works with all interactive boards. This product is designed to meet the developmental needs of all students cognitive ages 4-8.

 Searching Activities
 Customizing Content
 Lesson Planning
 Research Basis
 Common Core Alignment


CoreFocus® is a software solution for interactive boards...


Dual Language Support

Equip ELL teachers with 650+ Spanish early learning math and literacy activities for their interactive displays, all correlated to NAEYC standards and the HeadStart Framework. TeachSmart ELL Spanish is an add-on to the 1,100+ TeachSmart English activities that enables teachers to search and to toggle between both languages to support specific curriculum requirements.

 ELL Letter Activity
 ELL Math Activity


Equip ELL teachers with...

Lesson Planning

With a simple search and browsing functionality teachers can easily find the perfect activity for small or large group instruction! When planning, teachers can search activities by keyword and filter by skill level, standards, assessment objectives, outcomes, group size and themes. They can easily launch a day's activities from the integrated calendar.

 Teachsmart Interactive Product Video


With a simple search and...

TeachSmart Gets Results!

An independent observational study shows that children made significant gains in the areas of early literacy, print knowledge, phonological awareness, emergent writing and mathematics skills such as counting, operations and shapes. The children who used the TeachSmart Interactive Display tested higher than those in the control group.

Implementation & Training

We are experts in helping educators implement technology in the classroom! We ensure that your technology is installed professionally and efficiently from the start, and offer extensive training options to help customers make the most of their investment in our technology. We offer a variety of training options:

Training Session