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TeachSmart® helps teachers manage their busy classroom environment. With over 1,100 guided play activities, TeachSmart is perfect for circle time, small groups and one-on-one instruction.


Created to help teachers manage their busy classroom environment, TeachSmart's preschool classroom management software has over 1,100 guided play activities that are perfect for circle time, small groups and one-on-one instruction.

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Simple Classroom Management

This teaching tool has everything preschool teachers need to save hours of creating time. The work students design can be saved into their individual portfolios which are easy to reference throughout the year and share with parents. The scaffolded activities (a full year's worth) are appropriate for all skill levels and will make lesson planning a breeze! Teachers can plan their lessons well in advance or launch their plan one day at a time. TeachSmart works for all preschool teachers and supports their individual instructing styles.

TeachSmart® is a technology solution that combines Hatch hardware with endless virtual tools (drawing tools, a media recorder, and many more!), as well as software loaded with hands-on, engaging, and developmentally appropriate content that enables teachers to foster truly collaborative learning experiences!

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You Don't Have to Reinvent the Wheel

TeachSmart comes with over 1,100 research-based, preschool activities in English and Spanish that build math, literacy, science and social studies skills. The software uses real photography, a licensed speech pathologist and scaffolding for every lesson. Activities can be modified to meet the special interests of the children in your classroom. Teachers that are feeling very creative can also create their own activities!


Capture Language & Writing Samples

Teachers have unique opportunities to capture storytelling recordings that monitor a child's comprehension of both written and oral, literacy and math concepts. TeachSmart allows teachers to save real-time audio & video clips of their students' work samples and document their progress over time. These digital portfolios help inform child assessment and parent-teacher conferences. Collecting language samples and the pre-recording feature can also help to preserve native languages

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Add-ons for TeachSmart


Dual Language Support

Equip ELL teachers with 650+ Spanish early learning math and literacy activities, all correlated to NAEYC standards and the Head Start Framework. TeachSmart ELL Spanish is an add-on to the 1,100+ TeachSmart English activities that enable teachers to search and toggle between both languages to support specific curriculum requirements.


Kindergarten and 1st Grade Software

CoreFocus® is a software solution for interactive displays that provides a full year of activities and specifies each child's optimal learning zone that is aligned to the Common Core. CoreFocus' cross-curricular, adaptive learning program for kindergartners and first graders is recommended for Hatch technology but works with all interactive boards. This product is designed to meet the developmental needs of all students cognitive ages 4-8.

"Our students enjoy the vast digital experiences, and the has sparked more social interactions. Hatch products are used daily in my classroom."

Latina Perez, Teacher