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A robust educator dashboard of real-time data and reports in Ignite by Hatch extends teachers' learning ability to collect objective evidence for assessment and support children through individualized instruction. Read more about our rich data insights below!


Rich and Actionable Data

Insights Dashboards: Administrator & Teacher

Administrator and teacher Insights dashboards deliver real-time data and curricular experiences to guide planning, supplement observation-based assessment, and support individualized instruction. The dashboard puts timely, actionable data right on teachers’ home screens for easy integration into the instructional day, while also linking to detailed reports for in-depth analysis and planning. Insights include many rich teacher resources and at-a-glance data on class activity, conveniently displayed on the dashboard’s home screen:

  • Curricular Experiences: This dynamic feature supports individualized and small group instruction by recommending hands-on, teacher-led curricular experiences based on the results of children’s digital playtime. When appropriate, it groups children and recommends a curricular experience for their shared current skill level.
  • The Weekly Status: This resource supports individualized instruction by highlighting domains where a child needs support to demonstrate a skill. The Weekly Status suggests appropriate curricular experiences for a teacher to offer during classroom instruction to support each child’s progress.
  • Current Class Progress: This feature gives teachers a bird’s eye view of the class’s progress toward Kindergarten Readiness within the last 30, 60, and 90 days.
  • Play Schedule: This feature highlights children who have the lowest amount of recorded play time to ensure their digital experience needs are met.
  • Entry & Exit Check-Ups: Completed in just two weeks at the beginning and end of the school year, entry and exit check-ups provide teachers a clear view of children’s skill levels at a moment in time across four domains: language and communication, literacy, mathematics, and social emotional learning. Check-Ups automatically occur within the child-facing app twice a year and use about two weeks of play time to complete, providing teachers with actionable data on the Insights dashboard in a short amount of time. Data from these Check-Ups is used to create the Growth Report shown below.

Insights put actionable growth reports at educator's fingertips!

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Outcomes Reports show growth and readiness

  • The Class Progress Report: This report shows each child’s individual progress through Ignite’s skill levels toward end-of-year expectations, within the context of their class. The report can be sorted by classroom and viewed by individual domain or across all domains. For children also progressing through Spanish skills, separate progress bars are shown for both English and Spanish experiences.
  • The Child Skill Detail Report: This report provides an in-depth view of the child's skill levels that have been demonstrated in Ignite. It shows their current level across all subdomains for English or Spanish, their artwork portfolio, and time played. Clear descriptors of each skill level are presented, along with guidance on what the child will be asked to work on next. Milestones provide an overall view of PK 3, K-readiness, and end of K progress
  • The Growth Report: This interactive report allows administrators and teachers to view growth over the school year at the class, child, or program level. Growth is measured by comparing the results of Entry and Exit Check-Ups, noted above, which are administered at the beginning and end of each school year.



Insights puts comprehensive monitoring reports at educator's fingertips!

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Monitoring Reports show progress and provide tools to help children move forward

  • The Play Time Report & The Play Log: The Play Time Report provides real-time information on how many minutes each child has played in Ignite during the current week. The more detailed Play Log is an interactive report that allows educators to run reports by classroom or child within customized start/end dates, providing a detailed spreadsheet with a history of play within Ignite – including digital experiences, domains and subdomains addressed, dates of play, time spent on experiences, and percentage of correct answers.
  • The Parent Conference Report: This report can be generated by teachers at any time to support conversations about children’s progress with families. The report features each child’s avatar (or buddy), gallery of work, and skill progress across all domains, as shown in The Child Report.
  • The Device Report: This interactive report shows the status of all devices assigned to each teacher and last log-in, last synch, and the version of the app that it’s running. The report can be customized by device type.

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