Early Learning Technology

Personalized learning to enhance learning outcomes

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Data-Driven Classrooms

Monitor progress while children play

Gain insight into each child’s progress!  Easy-to-use tools allow educators to base decisions on authentic data so they can optimize program instruction and create individualized learning experiences. > Learn more

I love using the progress monitoring reports to see where the kids are skill-wise. If you’re considering Hatch Technology–get it! – Marsha Maskill, Teacher
Progress Monitoring Preschool Child Data

Preschool Software and Technology

Tied to Research & Standards

Consistent learning across all classrooms

A full year of activities links your classroom technology with thousands of scientifically researched learning lessons designed to exceed national education standards. > Learn more

“I really like the variety of activities with different difficulty levels depending on where a student might be developmentally. It’s a really great teaching tool!” – Karen Baldauf

What is the Role of Technology in Early Learning Classrooms?


Personalize Learning

Children log in to their own learning environment that captures progress and authentic work samples.

Encourage & Engage

Educational technology captivates children and instills a lifetime love of learning from an early age.

Build Essential Skills

Scaffolded lessons build upon foundational concepts in early math and literacy according to each child’s needs.

Preschool Technology

Combining child-directed discovery with teacher instruction to help scaffold and support children as they learn skills represents a highly effective educational environment for young children.

– Landry; NAEYC


93% of teachers say technology helps them be more effective.

-Grunwald & PBS

Shown to Improve Outcomes

Studies show significant gains

Recent studies show children making significant gains in literacy and math scores after using Hatch Technology for only six months in their classrooms! Hatch products provide comprehensive cognitive and social-emotional skill development. Best of all, they seamlessly integrate into the classroom–Teaching is easier with Hatch! > Learn more

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