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Day 5: Take a Deep Dive into Ignite by Hatch™

A Data-led Learning Experience

Air Date

Friday, December 10 3 p.m. EST

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Join experts from the Hatch product team as they explore the full journey offered by Ignite by Hatch, from the child's in-depth, comprehensive, and continually supportive learning experiences within the Ignite app, to the data-led, targeted support that guardians, teachers, and administrators can now offer to their children, based on the robust reporting and analytics available.
  • Explore Ignite through formative skill development opportunities
  • See how Ignite by Hatch supports child learning with Guided Practice experiences
  • Journey through the robust reporting and analytics available to best support child learning

Presented by:

Jason Varcoe
Product Owner
Hatch Early Learning

Matt Nolan
Product Owner
Hatch Early Learning


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