WePlaySmart Tables for Preschool

A collaborative play technology solution that fosters social-emotional development and introduces new vocabulary words as 2-4 children play and learn together.

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Let's Learn TOGETHER!

WePlaySmart is an interactive touch table that fosters social-emotional development in preschool students. It’s hard to know how our youngest learners are feeling, but as 2 (up to 4) children collaboratively work through educational games together, the video feature captures an unbiased view of their interactions with peers. The age-old question of, “Do they play well with others?” can finally be answered!

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WePlaySmart introduces thousands of unique vocabulary words to help bridge the language gap by encouraging conversation between peers.

Connect Pattern Activity

Group Play During Center Time

WePlaySmart helps introduce games that support four core social-emotional skills: behavior, emotional, social competence and executive function skills.

Built to Last in the Pre-K Environment

WePlaySmart by Hatch is designed to withstand the unique events that occur in an early childhood classroom. Sturdy construction, casters for mobility and the reinforced multi-touch top allows children to be children. Curious and excited to work together on social-emotional activities, they can feel free to play unimpeded.

See video samples in action!

Capture Video Samples of Collaborative Game Play

When children use WePlaySmart, the system captures video footage of their interactions with a 180-degree fish-eye lens. It automatically records this data (authentic language samples and visual evidence of children's interactions) to produce a more in-depth sample for teachers to review. With this information, teachers can develop child assessments and create individualized, meaningful and impactful instruction.

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