Teacher and preschool child playing on a Hatch tablet for preschool

Educational Technology for Preschool

Research tells us that if children reach kindergarten with the basic foundational skills for learning, they are more likely to succeed throughout their lifetime. Our child-directed, teacher-guided and collaborative play solutions were created to support teacher’s efforts in the classroom. Each tool is fueled by research and promote the skills needed to propel our preschoolers into kindergarten and beyond!

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Our ultimate goal is to ignite learning and close the achievement gap.

When we support children early in their lives, we all benefit.

Data to Inform Instruction

Technology in preschool classrooms should be easy to manage and its usage monitored. When implemented correctly, it should help, not hinder, a teacher’s instruction. We have been working with our customers for over 30 years to make sure the solutions we provide impact their classrooms in a positive way by making time savings a reality. Having unbiased data as a resource can guide their teaching and support differentiated instruction for all students. This gives them time back to do what matters most—teach.

Hatch Technology Solutions


Create thoughtful, innovative early learning solutions, fueled by research, so that every child is prepared for success in school.

Technology, when done right, can make a remarkable impact in early childhood.

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