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Since 1984, Hatch has partnered with educators to extend their impact and address learning loss through purposeful practice and data stories.


Extend teachers' reach with engaging digital learning tools

When unified, the Hatch suite creates a complete classroom solution for accelerating student learning across seven domains of learning with a focus in math, literacy, and social-emotional development. 

Transform Early Learning with Hatch’s Interactive Suite of Solutions

ignite by hatch tablet

Ignite by Hatch™

Ignite by Hatch is a digital learning platform anchored in a child-facing app that delivers engaging, research-based learning experiences built to promote growth and development across seven domains. Ignite delivers data to inform instruction and provides evidence for developmentally appropriate assessment systems.

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IgniteTable by Hatch™

IgniteTable by Hatch provides a collaborative learning experience for children to engage with peers while building social-emotional learning, communication, and prosocial skills. As young learners play, IgniteTable automatically captures authentic work samples and data so teachers can spend less time administering SEL assessments and more time focusing on the specific SEL skill areas that are crucial for each child’s success in school and beyond.

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TeachSmart by Hatch™

TeachSmart enables teachers to provide young children with engaging, interactive, and purposeful learning activities, saving hours of planning time. TeachSmart features strategies and activities that reflect the latest scientific research in literacy, language, and mathematics skill acquisition for early learners. Scaffolded activities are appropriate for all skill levels, and the work students design can be saved into individual portfolios, easily referenced throughout the year and shared with parents.

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Hatch Insights

Insights by Hatch™

Through the robust Insights by Hatch™ administrator and teacher dashboards, powerful data stories are readily available to inform classroom instruction and assess student growth. Real-time data and reports from both Ignite by Hatch™ and IgniteTable™ extend teachers' ability to collect objective evidence for assessment and support children through personalized instruction. Hatch Insights also includes many supplemental resources for learning outside of the classroom, as well as snapshots of both school-wide and class activity.

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