What's New With Hatch January 2024

Kylie Rymanowicz, MR, CFLE

Jan. 12, 2024

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As you welcome children back into your classrooms, remember that Hatch™ solutions are the perfect tools to provide engaging transitions back to learning! Your Hatch Insights™ dashboard will give you real-time data that shows which skills may need some reinforcement after an extended break. Keep reading for even more valuable tips, exciting updates, and much more!

Product Updates

The kindergarten expansion for Ignite by Hatch™ is complete! Children now have access to more than 68 new skills across existing subdomains and several new subdomains, including engineering, civics and citizenship, global connections, social awareness, and responsible decision-making. To keep children motivated, Ignite now features new, dynamic animations celebrating their correct answers. Moreover, teachers can enjoy faster access to data with optimized dashboards within the Insights dashboard, ensuring seamless loading and efficient data retrieval.

Introducing Key Foundations by Hatch™ Now available to our Ignite customers is Key Foundations by Hatch™, an evidence-based, research-aligned program that provides print-based literacy instruction in tandem with Ignite’s digital literacy instruction. This 21st-century approach to early literacy, grounded in the science of reading, offers intentional instruction and purposeful practice through a multimodal program.

Is Your Ignite App up to Date?

The current version of Ignite, as of January 9, 2024, is v.4.5. Read more about how to update your app.

Customer Success Corner

Did you know that the reports within Insights can be easily printed? You can share reports with your professional learning communities, administrators, or parents at scheduled conferences with ease! Learn more about how to print your reports.

Professional Learning and Research

  • Mark your calendars for our January 18, 2024, webinar, “Unlocking the Science of Reading: Early Literacy Success Through Online and Print-Based Learning.” Joy Allcock and Kylie Rymanowicz will present the Key Foundations speech-to-sound-to-print model, explain how the purposeful practice of skills within Ignite generates actionable data for educators, and discuss how dual implementation maximizes literacy growth and success for early learners! Register here.
  • Closing the opportunity gap before a child enters kindergarten can change their academic trajectory for the rest of their life. For more than 3 years now, the educators supporting the Georgia DECAL Summer Transition Program have made significant strides in accelerating learning for early learners with the support of Ignite. We are proud to share their success with you in our newest report. Read the evidence to learn more.
  • At Hatch Early Learning, we understand the important connection between home and school for children’s early learning and in supporting kindergarten readiness. Ignite is built to support children’s learning at school while seamlessly connecting that learning to their homes. Read our blog post “Ignite at Home: Strengthening the Bridge Between School and Real-World Learning” to learn more.


Hatch Community

IPO Academy from Community Action Organization of Western New York is celebrating student success with Hatch! Way to go! Share your student achievements with us here.

Come see us in January! Hatch staff will be at the following events in January 2024. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

  • Florida Literacy Association 59th Annual Conference, January 20–21 in Orlando, FL
  • Florida Association of School Administrators - Advocate 24', January 22–23 in Tallahassee, FL
  • National Head Start Association Winter Leadership Institute, January 22–25 in Crystal City, VA
  • Texas Association of School Administrators Midwinter Conference, January 29–30 in Austin, TX
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