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Kylie Rymanowicz, MR, CFLE

Nov. 27, 2023

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At this point in the year, the children in your program have completed Entry Experiences in Ignite by Hatch™ and have begun to move through Core Experiences. Don't forget, you have the ability to monitor their progress through the child skill detail report along with many other report options. Read below for helpful tips, updates, and more!

Product Updates

We have introduced exciting new features in Ignite aimed at kindergarten learners, releasing 31 new engaging games that focus on essential skills for school readiness. The Mathematics domain has expanded to include two new subdomains, Numeral Writing and 3D Shapes. Additionally, in response to user feedback, we have made it possible for educators to export school, class, and individual child Ignite progress reports as CSV files for more versatile use of progress data.

Introducing Key Foundations by Hatch™

Now available to our Ignite customers is Key Foundations by Hatch™ , an evidence-based, research-aligned program that provides print-based literacy instruction in tandem with Ignite’s digital literacy instruction. This 21st-century approach to early literacy, grounded in the science of reading, offers intentional instruction and purposeful practice through a multimodal program.

Is Your Ignite App up to Date?

The current version of Ignite, as of November 14, 2023, is v.4.3. Read more about how to update your app.

Customer Success Corner

Don’t forget that the WePlaySmart table is now IgniteTable by Hatch™, offering more than 65 standards-aligned interactive experiences that promote collaborative learning and prosocial engagement. Learn more by reading the IgniteTable FAQs.

Professional Learning and Research

  • Mark your calendars for our December 7, 2023, webinar, “Pre-Decodable Readers: Building Literacy Foundations with Hatch Early Learning.” Joy Allcock will share the findings and research from The Shine Research Project, the study that led to the creation of Fun Foundations by Hatch™. Attendees will automatically be entered into a raffle for a prize, and the winner will be selected at the end of the webinar. Register here
  • Did you know that research is at the center of Hatch’s products? We strive to make sure that our digital tools are not only engaging but also effective at enhancing learning outcomes in the early childhood classroom. Check out our ESSA Level 3 Evidence Packet to learn more.
  • Hatch supports the key principles of the science of reading that nurture the essential literacy blocks and recognize their significance in fostering strong foundational language and literacy skills in children. Read our blog article “The Science of Reading: Unlocking the Foundations of Literacy” to learn about how Hatch’s products utilize the principles of the science of reading.



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Hatch Community

We had a blast seeing you at the West Virginia Reading Association and the National Association for the Education of Young Children conferences in November!

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