How to Fund a Comprehensive Social-Emotional Learning Program

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Apr. 5, 2022

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When you look at the education funding you receive as separate layers that can be blended, or braided, together, you can provide even stronger support for your learning program.

The first layer of funding is your foundation – the recurring funds your program is given to operate. The second layer consists of the money your program receives to pay for the programming and services that benefit each child in your program, such as staff and supplies. The final funding layer is used to provide individualized services — think screenings and home visits. When braided together, these funding layers can fully support all the high-quality early learning opportunities your program offers.

These braided funds will not only help you accelerate learning all year long, but they’ll also help ensure your learning program continues to prioritize the social and emotional needs of your children, families, and community.

Education funding aligned to Hatch Early Learning solutions

Billions of dollars in emergency relief funds have been allocated to learning programs through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) and American Rescue Plan (ARP). Whether you’re using these funds to extend programming, support growth, or boost kindergarten readiness, Hatch’s research-backed, early learning solutions align with ESSER and ARP funding priorities.

More importantly, these funds can be braided together to incorporate TeachSmart, WePlaySmart, and Ignite by Hatch — all of which are the perfect complement to any comprehensive social-emotional learning program.

Our flexible solutions also help address the specific needs of all students, like learning loss, which align with ESSR funding. They’re also allowable expenses that can be used in conjunction with:


  • Activities that support federal requirements
  • Resources for principals and school leaders to address school needs
  • Planning for and coordinating during long-term closures, including how to provide technology for online learning to all students
  • Educational technology that aids in interactions between students and their classroom teacher
  • Summer and supplemental afterschool programs

To learn more about using Title I, Title IV, CSI, and ESSER funds to Ignite social-emotional learning during both regular and summer programming in your schools, visit our funding page.

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