Ignite by Hatch™ Criteria Report And Whitepaper

 Jenne Parks

Feb. 16, 2021

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At Hatch Early Learning®, our products and resources are not only research-based, but they are also research-proven and validated. The accompanying criteria report and whitepaper help prove that Ignite by Hatch™ supports the delivery of positive outcomes for all young learners!

Criteria Report: This report confirms that the experiences children engage with, are based on the latest research and theory; the research and theory inform the development of the Ignite learning domains, skill descriptors, and the order through which they are delivered.

This powerful, research-backed, play-based connected learning solution offers the flexibility of continuous learning at home and in classrooms while providing teachers actionable reporting on each child, no matter where they are engaged with Ignite!

  • Ignite is comprised of play-based digital learning experiences that engage, instruct, and assess children in 7 domains of development.
  • The platform responds to and builds on the skills of each child.
  • Insights provides robust real-time data reporting from Ignite; this data allows teachers to monitor progress at the child and classroom level, no matter where children are within their journey with Ignite.
  • Built-in entry and exit assessments help programs individualize instruction and measure   progress for each child over the course of the school year.
  • Ignite offers teacher-led curricular experiences that build on skills children are learning in the digital tool and suggests ways to group students for maximum instructional impact.
  • Family Connections experiences encourage families to help build and reinforce kindergarten readiness skills at home.

For more information pertaining to the research and theory that is the foundation of Ignite, please contact, Jenne Parks, jparks@hatchearlylearning.com.

Whitepaper: This whitepaper delves into the validity and reliability of the Ignite data. As you read, please consider the following:

  • This 3rd party paper was objectively analyzed by psychometricians.
  • Ignite works for all children across ethnicities and race.
  • The entry check-ups effectively measure the baseline skills of the children who complete the built-in assessments.
  • As the school year progresses, children spend more time engaged with Ignite.
  • Whether engagement occurs at home, or at school, growth is evident.

For more on the validity and reliability of Ignite by Hatch, please email Jenny Mosley, jmosley@hatchearlylearning.com.

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