How an Early Learning Solution Can Make an Immediate Impact

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Dec. 29, 2021

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With Ignite by Hatch, we’ve seen children experience two levels of growth in just six months. And much of that progress is owed to those behind the scenes, like Kylie Rymanowicz, a content developer at Hatch, who works on Ignite.
Recently, Kylie shared a case study from the 2020-21 school year that highlights the growth that can be seen when a pre-kindergarten program implements Ignite as their early learning platform. Read some highlights from the case study below, and watch the full video to see more information about how Ignite can move the needle for early learners.

Data and Growth

For our case study, we chose a large district to get as much data as possible. Here's some more information about the school district observed for this case study:

• It serves more than 100,000 students.
• The district consists of both suburban and urban fringe districts.
• It includes more than 100 elementary schools, magnet schools, and pre-kindergarten centers, with more than 5,000 children in pre-kindergarten classrooms.
• Additionally, most schools in the district are Title I schools serving a predominately Black and Hispanic population, and the majority of students are of children of color.

According to Kylie, the study investigated pre-k children’s growth within the domains of social studies, science and technology, social-emotional development, physical development, language, mathematics, and phonemic awareness. It’s also important to acknowledge that Ignite was implemented during a transitory year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the district used various instructional models during the school year, including remote and hybrid instruction.

Despite the learning interruptions, the data shows that the students made measurable progress. Below are some charts to demonstrate the results of the case study. 

How Ignite Impacted a Large District

Want to know just how implementing Ignite in the classroom affected this district? Below are charts with the growth results across domains of learning that we observed during the case study. 

Growth Toward Proficiency Levels 4 and 5

Overall, children achieved substantial growth in all domains during the school year.chart 1 page 15-1



Growth Toward Proficiency Level 5

Narrowing the data down even further, children experienced an abundance of growth across all domains over an eight-month study period.chart 2 page 16 day 3 pres



Maximum Levels Achieved by Domain

This chart demonstrates the maximum levels progressed for each developmental domain. 

chart 3 page 18 day 3 presentation

From Kylie’s data, we see that Ignite can be successfully implemented in a large school district — one that primarily serves children of color from economically under-resourced backgrounds. We also see that 75 percent of the pre-kindergarten children in the study engaged with Ignite and that most children played at home as much as — or more than — 30 minutes a week.

Additionally, most children reached a level that was at or above the expected level for their age across all domains and most children attempted and passed enough experiences to advance at least one level across the academic year across all domains. Most importantly, our case study shows that many children advanced more than one level across all domains!

At Hatch, all our learning tools are backed by data and research, and this case study is just one example of the positive impact Ignite can make when its implemented into an early learning program. To learn more about how Ignite fuels growth — and the data behind it — watch the full webinar video featuring more information about the case study.Watch Webinar
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