Back To School With Hatch

Brian Mills

Dec. 24, 2020

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Typically this time of year, we as parents would be hitting stores looking for school supplies, back-to-school clothes, and new lunch boxes. Instead, many of us are trying to figure out how to manage our daily lives with the added pressures of online learning and young children in the home.

As many schools and childcare centers prepare for more learning-at-home programs, parents once again have to navigate new technologies and learning solutions that aim to bridge the gap between home and school. Parents will be responsible for getting their students registered and into unfamiliar online educational resources in order to ensure their child can continue learning (or in some cases, make up for lost ground).

In this new distance-learning paradigm, parents need more help than ever to support their young learners. Here at Hatch, we have focused the last few months on making our solutions easier and more accessible for teachers, students, and parents. Our Ignite by Hatch™ digital learning platform provides quality play-based experiences that enable continuous learning within and beyond the classroom. Even in communities where in-person instruction is happening, flexibility remains critical. Ignite minimizes learning interruptions by allowing children to learn — and teachers to monitor their progress — from any location.

The strong support network of dedicated individuals at Hatch help ensure the success of students, parents, and teachers. Our Technical Support Team is available Monday through Friday of every week via phone, email, and live chat support. They can assist with login/password help and confirm a student is properly registered to start Ignite’s play-based experiences. They can also assist with product-based questions and inquires around our hardware or software solutions. Our Technical Support Team can be reached online at: https://www.hatchearlylearning.com/customer-support/tech-support

Our Hatch Customer Success Team is available to help schools and teachers achieve their desired outcomes for this school year and beyond. Customer Success also serves as the internal voice of our users, to help guide our product direction and future innovations. The input received from our customers enables us to continue creating effective solutions that help students and teachers succeed.

We don’t know what the Fall or the rest of the school year will look like, but please know that Hatch is here to support you on the journey.

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