5 Creative Ways to Prepare Children for Assessments

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Nov. 3, 2021

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Understanding where a child’s strengths lie — and where room for improvement may exist — is critical when it comes to academic success. While assessments will shine a light on the skill areas that need more attention, it’s more effective to identify where additional support is needed before test time. This way you can tailor classroom experiences that not only boost learning, but make it even more enjoyable!

If you’re using Ignite by Hatch in your classroom, you already know how easy it is to access real-time, data-based reports that identify the children who need additional support in specific skill areas. This information is incredibly useful in the days and weeks leading up to assessments, showing you exactly where to focus your attention to make your preparation time even more effective.

To boost assessment readiness even more, here are five creative tips to consider before test time:

Tap your toolbox.

Consider using a variety of interactive and engaging learning tools to familiarize children with their upcoming assessment. Audio books, story time, and games are great ways to make test prep more reflective, personal, and purposeful for children.

Speak the assessment’s language.

Assessments often use language that’s not always child-centered or accessible. That’s why it’s important to incorporate common test words in your everyday instruction. This way children will have familiarity with many of the words they’ll likely encounter during test time.

Visualize goals.

When it comes to assessments, helping children set academic goals is incredibly important. But instead of asking children to jot down a few individual goals, invite them to visualize what they want to achieve. Whether through drawing, sculpture, or performance, visualizing goals is a great way to have children tap their imaginations and reflect on all they’ve learned.

Build courage through encouragement.

A little bit of encouragement can go a long way! Help build courage and confidence in children by praising their effort and progress.

Be mindful.

Children focus better when their basic needs are met — and that’s especially true during an assessment. A healthy snack, whole-group yoga, or a short meditation session are all great ways to be mindful and set a positive tone before test time.

To learn more assessment strategies and how Ignite by Hatch can help children achieve academic success, check out our webinar, “Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Assessment.”

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