10 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week This Year

Hatch Early Learning

May. 4, 2023

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At Hatch, we believe every week should be Teacher Appreciation Week. But next week is officially Teacher Appreciation Week — so we hope you’re planning an even bigger “thank you!” for all your amazing teachers.

Whether you plan on decorating classrooms or loading up on your teachers’ favorite treats, there’s no better time than Teacher Appreciation Week to show your teachers how much they mean to your learning program.

10 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

1. Have the children in your learning program draw pictures and decorate cards for their teachers that show how much their support means to them.


2. Invite kids to tap all the social-emotional learning skills they’ve acquired this year to craft a class poem that expresses all the warm feelings they have for their wonderful teachers.


3. Reach out to parents and encourage them to send in their own notes of gratitude or thoughtful gifts to their child’s teacher.


4. Create a gift box for each of your teachers stocked with their favorite snacks and words of affirmation.


5. Work with families to create a time-line poster featuring photos from the whole school year. This way, teachers can see just how much the kids in your learning program have grown and thrived.

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6. Record video interviews with kids sharing everything they love about their teachers.


7. Decorate classrooms and common areas with balloons, homemade posters and crafts, and other items that express gratitude for your teachers.

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8. Are there essential teaching tools on your teachers’ wish lists that you can gift them next week? If so, buy a few and pair with a quick thank-you note.


9. Encourage kids to compose a class song — or rework the lyrics of a classroom favorite — about their teacher. On Friday, each class can surprise their teacher with a special song sung just for them!


10. Be sure to celebrate all the support staff that help make your learning program the great success that it is! When it comes to the success of students, it’s always a team effort!





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