Using Music to Boost Infant and Toddler Development

Speaker: Betsy Flanagan

Air Date: Oct 15, 2015, 2-3:30 p.m. ET

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Music is the one constant in an infant's everyday life. All over the world, parents are bonding with their babies through musical sounds and rhythmic movement. Parents know instinctively what scientists have now proven: infants thrive on music. Join us on November 12th as we team up with Kindermusik to bring you a free webinar that will detail how and why music and movement provide the best learning vehicles for early childhood development (newborn to age 3).


You'll Learn

  • 1) How immersive musical experiences create and strengthen an infant's neural pathways
  • 2) Ways to create special bonding moments with newborn to age 3 learners
  • 3) Specific techniques that have worked in Early Head Start programs
  • 4) Active music making ideas that "light up"a baby's entire brain


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