"Plays Nice with Others": How Educators Can Best Support Social Emotional Learning in Young Children

Speaker: Katherine Zinsser, PhD

Air Date: Apr 25, 2013, 2-3:30 p.m. ET

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) promotes well-being and school success for children. Watch this compelling webinar to learn about the latest research on the development of social and emotional competence in young children, the role teachers play in children's acquisition of these skills, and how SEL is related to school readiness and early school success.

About Katherine Zinsser, PhD:

Doctoral Candidate
George Mason University

Kate Zinsser is an applied developmental psychologist specializing in social-emotional teaching and learning in early childhood. Her work examines preschool teacher-child interactions, classroom processes, and emotion socialization practices that promote children's social-emotional school readiness. She is particularly interested in translating developmental science into emotionally effective classroom practices, benefiting both children and teachers. More recently, Kate has begun to examine the role of program leadership in cultivating positive emotional climates in early childhood education and the impacts on teacher well-being and child social-emotional learning. Kate earned her BA at Smith College and her PhD from George Mason University where she was mentored by Dr. Susanne Denham. As of July 2013, Kate can be found at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she will be serving as an Assistant Professor of Psychology.

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