Family Engagement Through Music

Speaker: Lili Levinowitz, Ph.D, Lauren Guilmartin, M.A

Air Date: Jan 21, 2014, 2-3:30 p.m. ET

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Research emphasizes the developmental benefits and importance of parental engagement in children's learning both at home and in school. Although early learning programs understand the importance of family involvement, it is often difficult to find enjoyable, quality, yet realistic ways to engage parents in school and at home. Participants will be introduced to the ways in which enjoyable and accessible adult-child music activities and materials can connect children, teachers, and parents and provide educators with easy and fun ways to engage parents in their child's learning, enhance the home learning environment, promote family engagement in school, and support a strong child-teacher-family connection.


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Lili Levinowitz, Ph.D.

Lili Levinowitz Lili Levinowitz, Ph.D. is a professor of Music Education at Rowan University and Co-Author of the early childhood music and movement program Music Together.


Lauren Guilmartin, M.A.

LGuilmartin_photoLauren Guilmartin is Project Manager in Research and Development at Music Together LLC where she oversees projects using variations of the MT curriculum in a wide range of early care and education setting.



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