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Early Language and Literacy Development for English Learners

Presenter:  Dr. Cardenas-Hagan
Air Date:  Sep 21, 2015
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In this webinar, Dr. Cardenas-Hagan will introduce helpful insights on best practices, techniques, and activities to further language and literacy development for dual language learners. Elsa Cardenas-Hagan is a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist and a Certified Academic Language Therapist. She holds a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Cardenas-Hagan is the President of Valley Speech Language and Learning Center in Brownsville, Texas and is an Associate Research Professor for the Texas Institute for Measurement Evaluation and Statistics at the University of Houston. Her research interests include the development of early reading assessments for Spanish-speaking students in addition to the development of reading interventions for bilingual students. You won't want to miss this helpful and informative webinar!


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Early Language and Literacy Development