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Autism and Friendships: Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention

Presenter:  Melissa Burkhardt
Air Date:  Apr 7, 2016
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Evidence-based Strategies to facilitate friendships and learning

April is Autism awareness month and to raise awareness we are excited to have Hatch Expert Melissa Burkhardt join us for this enlightening webinar, Autism and Friendships: Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention. Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention ( p.m-II) is an evidence-based practice to promote interactions between typically developing peers and students with autism spectrum disorder that are positive and natural in quality.


Melissa specializes in private therapy providing very early intervention for children with autism and parental coaching to achieve best outcomes in a child's life. She shares her extensive knowledge about autism through public speaking, coaching, program development, and preparing specialized presentations for individuals, groups, and corporations.


We are excited to have Mellissa and we know this webinar will provide you with practical, effective strategies to promote natural learning throughout the day for every student.


You'll Learn

  • ✔ Theory behind peer mediated instruction and intervention
  • ✔ Strategies to promote learning for typically developing children and those with autism spectrum disorder
  • ✔ Practical tips to create a positive and quality learning environment

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