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An Introduction to HatchSync powered by GOLD®

Presenter:  Sarah Zona and Jennifer Mosley
Air Date:  Apr 12, 2016
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Hatch Early Learning and Teaching Strategies have partnered together to create HatchSync powered by GOLD®, a simple way to capture documentation through the results of a child's independent play. While children play Hatch's iStartSmart® learning games, documentation is automatically created, labeled, and sent to GOLD®. Join Sarah Zona from Hatch Early Learning and Jennifer Mosley from Teaching Strategies as they demonstrate how HatchSync powered by GOLD® works and answer any questions you may have.


What You'll Experience

  • ✔ Demonstration of HatchSync powered by GOLD® and how it collects and transfers iStartSmart® progress to a child's GOLD® profile
  • ✔ Examples of alignments between iStartSmart® and GOLD®
  • ✔ Q&A session that will answer any questions you might have about HatchSync powered by GOLD®

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