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COVID-19: While children are home, keep them learning and engaged with Ignite@Home

Disruptions to our daily lives can create an unwanted impact on children's development & learning and impose struggles families are not prepared to address. Ignite@Home provides research-based, digital experiences in the home, that help children stay engaged, and ensure they are working toward their Kindergarten Readiness goals.

Teacher and preschool child playing on a Hatch tablet for preschool Teacher and preschool child playing on a Hatch tablet for preschool

Ignite by Hatch

Ignite by Hatch uses play-based technology to engage and instruct children with educational experiences that help prepare them for kindergarten. Used in Pre-K classrooms across the country, Ignite has been vetted and endorsed by teachers and other educational professionals to help children achieve kindergarten readiness goals.

The Ignite by Hatch app can be loaded on nearly any device with a touch screen, making it ideal for home and classroom use.

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Psstt… if your classroom doesn't have touchscreen technology, be sure to check out Hatch devices made especially for early learners!

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For Children: Data-Driven Learning

Ignite by Hatch is based on extensive research. Your children may call them "games," but the 203 learning experiences within Ignite are sophisticated tools covering 7 domains of learning (Physical, Social Emotional Development, Language & Communication, Phonological Awareness & Phonics, Math, Social Studies, and Science & Technology).

The Ignite platform is adaptable, responding to and building on the skills of each child, to ensure mastery of skills before progressing.

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For Teachers: Built-in Assessment

We know that assessing Pre-K children is a time-intensive challenge. Ignite can help!

When children in your classroom play Ignite, the data is collected, analyzed, and reported in the Teacher Dashboard on Insights. Insights provides real-time assessment of each child’s skill progression and identifies children who may need a little extra help in certain areas. It even suggests one-on-one and group curricular experiences to individualize learning for each child.

Best of all, Ignite is integrated with GOLD® by Teaching Strategies®, providing objective and ongoing documentation that is automatically sent to GOLD® and added to a child’s portfolio.

Ignite saves you hours of observational time and reporting, so you can get back to what you love—teaching.

Ignite Learning in Your Classroom
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For Administrators: Data-Based Decisions

Ignite supplies high-quality, objective data in real time. This data provides administrators the opportunity for more informed decision-making, progress monitoring, outcomes-based reporting, and professional development decisions.

Hatch offers a variety of effective training and professional development options to align and engage administrators and teachers with the curriculum.

Hatch Partnership Program is an easy subscription model encompassing our early learning technology, real-time progress monitoring, ongoing training, and technical support.

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For Parents: Follow Along

Children are more likely to succeed when parents are involved in their learning. If your child is using Ignite at school, you can follow his or her progress, see images of work created, and access activities you can do at home--all within the parent dashboard.

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Ignite is utilized in schools across the country and has been endorsed by teachers and other education professionals to help children achieve kindergarten readiness goals. Fortunately, Ignite doesn't just live in the classroom anymore! Use Ignite@Home to help prepare your child for success!

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