ENGAGE children with digital learning experiences that PREPARE them for kindergarten.

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Ignite by Hatch

At Hatch, we leverage the power of technology to fuel the success of early learners, in classrooms and now at home!

Ignite by Hatch uses play-based technology to engage and instruct children with educational experiences that help prepare them for kindergarten. Used in Pre-K classrooms across the country, Ignite has been vetted and endorsed by teachers and other educational professionals to help children achieve kindergarten readiness goals.

The Ignite by Hatch app can be loaded on nearly any device with a touch screen, making it ideal for home and classroom use.

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Teacher and preschool child playing on a Hatch tablet for preschool Teacher and preschool child playing on a Hatch tablet for preschool
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Data-Driven Learning

Ignite by Hatch is based on extensive research. Your children may call them “games,” but the 206 learning experiences within Ignite are sophisticated tools covering 7 domains of learning (Physical, Social Emotional Development, Language & Communication, Phonological Awareness & Phonics, Math, Social Studies, and Science & Technology).

In the coming weeks, Hatch will be rolling out Insights. This parent portal will allow you to see how your child is progressing through the learning experiences. It will also provide you with suggestions on simple activities you can do with your child to reinforce learning. So watch your inbox for news about Insights!

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Individualized Learning

Using photo-touch logins, friendly characters, and familiar concepts, Ignite helps young learners feel comfortable and confident in their learning. Ignite experiences cover a variety of topics—from hand-washing and social-emotional learning to vocabulary, letter recognition, and early math. And because it’s all presented in a play-based format, children don’t even realize they are learning (sneaky, huh?).

The Ignite platform is adaptable, responding to and building on the skills of each child, to ensure mastery of skills before progressing. That’s why it’s important that your child has a unique login and doesn’t get “help” from adults or other children when using Ignite.

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Trusted in Classrooms

Ignite is trusted in hundreds of schools across the country, and proven by teachers to work. The good news is Ignite doesn't just live in the classroom anymore! Use Ignite@Home to help prepare your child for success.

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