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A Tale of Classroom Technology

Once upon a time, maybe not that long ago, you added shiny new computers, tablets, or interactive displays to your classrooms. Alas, now you've forgotten why you got the technology to begin with. It was supposed to make your life easier, but it's made things more complicated.

This is a story we've heard before.

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Aging equipment

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Lack of training

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Difficult reporting

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Hatch helps kids learn, happily ever after.

Hatch provides a technology solution designed especially for you and your classrooms, with ongoing training, support, updates and upgrades all included.

Introducing the Hatch Partnership Program

The Hatch Partnership Program (HPP) is a subscription solution that combines technology, training, support, maintenance, and updates - all in one.

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Child-Centered Technology

The HPP starts with our research-backed learning tools - a captivating way to build school-ready skills. Our software makes differentiated instruction easy. Our hardware is built to last in real classrooms with real kids.

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Real-Time Progress Monitoring

No more data entry! Our ECE tech captures each child's victories and challenges. Sharable reports show parents and administrators that kids are making real progress. And automated feeds to GOLD® ensure compliance.

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Ongoing Teacher

Classroom technology can't be integrated without trained educators to use it. The HPP includes a complete professional development plan - that keeps up with staff changes - so your classroom teams get the most out of your investment.

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Worry-free Repair and Replacement

The HPP is a subscription plan. We equip your classrooms, train your teachers, and maintain your technology. And with annual enrollment updates, the program is always right-sized for your organization.

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Designed for the Classroom

We're educators first and technologists second. Our focus is always on outcomes for young children.

Award-winning early learning solutions from Hatch have shown improved outcomes for cognitive and social-emotional development. With a technology package customized to your classrooms, plus ongoing training and tech support, your teachers can prepare every child for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Hatch products are based on current education research: National Early Literacy Panel, National Reading Panel, National Research Council's Committee on Early Childhood Mathematics, National Education Goals Panel.

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No Teacher Left Behind

The Hatch Partnership Program includes a custom professional development plan and a dedicated Partner Success Specialist to ensure your classroom teams are using the technology and know how to get the most out of it.

Our training options include live instructor-led sessions, self-guided online courses and unlimited access to our library of product workshops.

Our online user community is an all-in-one solution for getting help, sharing tips and keeping up with the latest features and benefits.

On-site training days are also available as a refresher course or to bring new teachers up to speed.

The Team: Partners in Learning

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The Implementation Expert customizes your classroom technology roadmap and works with your Champion to arrange worry-free installation.

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The Champion represents your organization in the HPP relationship to ensure your teaching team's needs are met.

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The Professional Development Manager ensures that classroom teams are always fully trained in our technology.

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The Partner Success Specialist is your dedicated resource from rollout onward, ensuring Hatch technology is working in every classroom.

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A Hatch consultant will present a tour of our technology solutions and then begin to develop the plan for your successful implementation.

Get ready to love your classroom technology!

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