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Educational Technology for Preschool

Our child-directed, teacher-guided and collaborative solutions each play a role in kindergarten readiness—ensuring all students are set up for success!

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Ignite by Hatch preschool tablets and computer on a desk

Adaptive Learning Platform for Tablets and Computers

Ignite by Hatch is an adaptive learning platform for children 28 months–age 5. It is a web-based, ongoing assessment software that is compatible with tablets, computers and mobile devices. The platform captures real-time data on each student that plays the games. The data collected provides teachers with valuable insights that help guide their instruction. Teachers and parents have access to easy to digest reports that paint a robust picture of their child’s skill level and ongoing development.

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Guided Play Activities for Boards and Displays

Created to help teachers manage their busy classroom environment, TeachSmart is perfect for circle time, small groups and one-on-one instruction. This teaching tool has everything you need to save you hours of creating time. The work students create can be saved into their individual portfolios that are easy to reference throughout the year and share with parents. The scaffolded activities (a full years’ worth) are appropriate for all skill levels and will make lesson planning on this preschool technology a breeze!

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Hatch multi-touch table for preschool with screenshot of social-emotional games

Collaborative Play for Multi-touch Tables

WePlaySmart fosters social-emotional development in preschool students. It’s hard to know how our youngest learners are feeling but as two (up to four) children collaboratively work through educational games together, the video feature captures an unbiased view of their interactions. That data can be saved into individual student portfolios or easily shared with parents. Understanding the growing concern for language development in early childhood, WePlaySmart introduces thousands of unique vocabulary words to help bridge the language gap by encouraging conversation between peers. What better way to learn than with your friends!

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