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Professional Development Training

Professional Development Training

Hatch’s Professional Development Technology Training courses are designed to help your educators implement Hatch technology in their classrooms. A Hatch Early Learning Implementation Consultant will arrive at your center and deliver two half-day, hands-on training sessions (maximum 8 hours on-site, in the same building). Each of our interactive training courses is tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs and can be administered to educators with different levels of experience. We offer 12 onsite professional development training sessions that correspond to our iStartSmart®, WePlaySmart® and TeachSmart® product lines.

Professional Development Courses Available:
iStartSmart® Training for Teachers
(1) iStartSmart 101
(2) Using iStartSmart Data to Make Instructional Decisions
(3) Using iStartSmart Progress Monitoring Information to Teach Intentionally

iStartSmart® Training for Administrators
(4) iStartSmart 101
(5) Interpreting and Using iStartSmart Data

WePlaySmart® Training for Teachers
(6) WePlaySmart 101

WePlaySmart® Training for Administrators
(7) WePlaySmart 101

TeachSmart® Training for Teachers
(8) TeachSmart 101
(9) Using TeachSmart for Documentation
(10) Customizing TeachSmart

TeachSmart® Training for Administrators
(11) TeachSmart 101

CoreFocus® Training for Teachers
(12) CoreFocus 101

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