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Product Details - Peekaboo Infant Toddler Lesson Bags

Peekaboo Infant Toddler Lesson Bags

Peekaboo Infant Toddler Lesson Bags

Infant + Toddler Lesson Bags make it easy for teachers & parents to work together to help infants and toddlers achieve key developmental milestones. These bags ensure that both educators and parents have access to quality materials and research-based activities. By featuring familiar themes, the materials and activities maintain a child's interest. Quality materials and easy-to-follow activity guides show parents how their role, the environment and communication can help to further their child's development.

The activity card in each kit is based on what a child can do and what the caregiver and parent can, in turn, do to support the child. One side of the card includes connections to research, reflections upon the child's developmental stage and examples of how to support cognitive development within that stage. The opposite side of each card provides a bulleted list of fun, interactive activities using the manipulatives and books provided in the bag. The card directs parents how to use the home as the child's primary learning environment. This side of the activity card also includes a homework assignment for the parent, providing reinforcement of the concepts before the next visit.

This kit contains a Babyville Activity Cube featuring baby faces hidden underneath playful flaps, a teether, knotted ties and ribbon satin, lots of fun textures, and a chime ball. Also included in the kit are three peek-a-boo board books, an exclusive activity card and a clear, durable tote bag.

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