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Cardboard Brick Blocks

Cardboard Brick Blocks

24 mos. & up. This 40-piece set takes the blah out of blocks, especially for kids who create best with lots of pieces, lots of color, and lots of space. Kids will find plenty of ways to construct forts, bridges, walls, chairs, and more with the easy to assemble pieces. Three different size blocks offer a strong building foundation as well as a starting point for kids to conceptualize math (one large red block is the same size as two medium blue blocks or four small yellow blocks, adding blocks, counting blocks, etc.). The blocks also help develop large motor skills and teamwork.

The 40-piece set is made up of 8 large red blocks (12" x 6" x 3"), 8 medium blue blocks (6" x 6" x 3"), and 24 small yellow blocks (6" x 3" x 3").

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