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Product Details - Califone Super-Saver Headphones

Califone Super-Saver Headphones

Califone Super-Saver Headphones

Califone 3068 Switchable Stereo/Mono Headphones, The 3068 delivers performance at an economical price for 1:1 instruction in listening centers and library uses. One advantage of the 3068 is its ability to switch between typical monaural functions such as in English Language Learning / English Language Development, language labs, speech pathology applications and the stereo mode for use in computer workstations and music appreciation classes. Califone designed this headphone with the stereo/mono user switch for optimal sound quality. The use of an internal processor (seen on a competitive product) to attempt this function has been shown to create quality issues which can include but are not limited to: decreased frequency response, increased distortion and diminished volume levels for students.

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