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Product Details - BOGO40% Big Book Math Collection

BOGO40%  Big Book Math Collection

BOGO40% Big Book Math Collection

4 yrs. & up. Our early math big books feature interactive rhyming text and poster-size real-life photos. Each is accompanied by a teacher guide that provides background information, cross-curricular activities, hands-on experiments and home/school connections. Includes a customized Read Aloud Label for each book. Set of 6 books.

• It's Time, by Kari Jenson Gold
• What's the Shape?, by Judy Nayer
• Patterns Everywhere, by Kari Jenson Gold
• What Comes Next?, by Kari Jenson Gold
• Short, Tall, Big or Small?, by Kari Jenson Gold
• Sort it Out, by Kari Jenson Gold

Read Aloud Labels are verbal guides to help teachers with classroom instruction. A label for every book is included with collections marked with the Read Aloud Label icon. The labels provide conversation guides for before, during and after reading, as well as suggestions for extension activities.

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