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Product Details - Home Set of 93 pieces

Home Set of 93 pieces

Home Set of 93 pieces

SchKIDules 93 Pc Home Collection Combo Pack allows you to set up an instant visual schedule on any magnetic surface. This collection contains 72 activities specifically geared towards life at home to include daily routines, chores and extracurricular activities. Use on white boards, refrigerators or magnetic walls to help kids understand what's next, remember expectations, and build independence. This set also come with 21 Headings magnets to help set up to do lists, routines, chores, weekly schedules and more. Each activity magnet is 2”x2”, dry erase friendly and 35 mil quality. Activity Magnet Included: arts and crafts, bath, bedtime, bike ride, breakfast, brush teeth, brush teeth, church, clean room, clear stairs, clear table, comb hair, computer, dance, dentist, dessert, dinner, dishes, doctor, drink, family time, feed pets, free time, games, garbage, get dressed, going out, gymnastics, haircut, hat/gloves, homework, jacket, laundry, library, lights, lunch, make bed, movie night, music lesson, nap, out to eat, outside play, pack backpack, party, phone, pick up toys, pajamas, play date, playground, puzzles, reading, restroom, school, set table, shoes, shopping, shower, snack, socks, special event, sports, swim, tablet, toy time, trip, TV, unpack backpack, video games, wake up, walk, wash hands, wipe sink, zoo/aquarium Headings Included: 7 Days, Everyday, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, First, Then, 1-6, To Do, Done.

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