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Product Details - 63 Piece Magnet Pack: School Collection

63 Piece Magnet Pack: School Collection

63 Piece Magnet Pack: School Collection

SchKIDules 63 Pc School Collection Combo Pack allows you to set up an instant visual schedule on any magnetic surface. This collection contains 42 activities specifically geared towards a school day to include daily subjects, specials, food and more. These 2x2 magnets are great for building a visual schedule for an individual child on a small lap board or any magnetic classroom surface. This set also comes with 21 Headings magnets to help set up to- do lists, days of the week and more. Each activity magnet dry erase friendly and 35 mil quality thickness. Activity magnets included: Assembly, arrival, art, breakfast, calendar, centers, circle time, clean up, computers, cubby/locker, dismissal, English, field trip, foreign language, games, group work, half day, independent work, instrument/band, library, line up, lunch, math, music class/chorus, P.E, pack up, read aloud, reading, recess, rest, restroom, safety drill, science, show and tell, snack, social studies, special event, spelling, tablet, unpack backpack, wash hands, writing. Headings Included: 7 Days, Everyday, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, First, Then, 1-6, To Do, Done.

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