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Research basis, efficacy studies and state correlations for our early childhood technology solutions.

We’ve seen a societal shift and emphasis on the education of young children. Research tells us that if we can ensure that children learn the foundational skills needed for kindergarten, they are more likely to succeed throughout their lifetime. It is well established that young children need a strong focus on cognitive development, along with attention to their social/emotional development, to reach their maximum developmental potential. Technology is playing a key role in this process. Experts confirm that preschool and pre-kindergarten age children are developmentally ready and able to benefit from instruction with technology. It is now known to have a major, positive impact on social, emotional, language, and cognitive development. That’s where we come in!

For over 30 years, Hatch has been the leading provider of developmentally appropriate technology solutions for early childhood classrooms across the country. It is our goal to provide solutions that allow technology to be a solution in the classroom that builds foundational skills and act as a bridge between the classroom and the home - the teacher and the parent.
Hatch’s Product Innovation team spearheads the research basis for our powerful set of products designed to prepare children to be ready and successful in school. From this research, Hatch has cultivated a solid set of multi-dimensional and interconnected design principles on which the Hatch Innovative Product line is built.

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  • National Early Literacy Panel
  • National Reading Panel
  • National Research Council's Committee on Early Childhood Mathematics
  • National Education Goal's Panel

Activities and outcomes align to:

  • Head Start Outcomes
  • Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Frameworks
  • National Association for the Education of young Children (NAEYC) Accreditation Standards
  • Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)

Hatch Technology Solutions

Real Children. Real Improved Outcomes.

To ensure the games included in Ignite by Hatch® are meaningful to teachers, a field test was conducted with 40 teachers and more than 500 children across three programs, and eight sites. An assessment that is valid in content should sufficiently examine all aspects that define the objective. This paper focuses on field test teachers views on the alignment of Ignite game content to developmentally appropriate expectations for children 28 months through 5 years old.

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TeachSmart is an interactive, hands-on tool which enables early childhood teachers to plan for playful and purposeful activities for children. An independent observational study conducted in 2010 shows that TeachSmart’s interactive software can greatly increase school readiness skills and dramatically reduce the number of children who are underprepared for kindergarten. The children in the study made significant gains in the areas of early literacy, print knowledge, phonological awareness, emergent writing and mathematics skills such as counting, operations and shapes. At the beginning of the study, only 46% of children were ready to learn to read and 72% were ready to learn math. TeachSmart Efficacy Study TeachSmart® Research Basis TeachSmart® ELL Research Basis State Correlations Head Start Alignment TeachSmart® ELL Correlations CoreFocus Research Basis Common Core Alignment

TeachSmart Efficacy Study

TeachSmart® Research Basis

TeachSmart® ELL Research Basis

State Correlations

Head Start Alignment

TeachSmart® ELL Correlations

CoreFocus Research Basis

Common Core Alignment

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The WePlaySmart® by Hatch is a multi-touch table designed to develop social-emotional skills as two or more children work together on fun activities. A recent study was conducted to determine whether preschoolers could and would exhibit cooperation and collaboration when playing in small groups on a multi-touch table with interactive games. With six game types of Uncover, Sort, Find, Vote, Turns and Connect, children are presented with information in a large variety of conceptual and cognitive formats to encourage symbolic thought and reasoning. As these interactions occur with peers, children practice thinking about (considering and appropriately reacting to) the viewpoints of their peers.

WePlaySmart® Efficacy Study

WePlaySmart® Research Basis

Standards Correlations

Head Start Framework Alignment

WePlaySmart® Head Start & Research Alignment

Ignite tablet
The goal of curriculum alignment is to align instruction and assessment practices to ensure that all children are presented with opportunities for learning across content areas and developmental domains (and appropriately reacting to) the viewpoints of their peers. See how the real results of Hatch technology can benefit your organization’s specific curriculum and goals.

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