Hatch@Home Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ignite@Home?

A powerful digital learning platform for early learners that helps parents ensure developmentally appropriate, standards-based learning is happening in the home, objectively assessing skills in seven domains of development.

What is the appropriate age for Ignite@Home?

28 months to kindergarten.

What is Hatch Insights?

An online onboarding tool which allows the parents to self register and enroll children to interact with Ignite@Home.

What skills will my child learn by using Ignite@Home?

Your child will be provided research-based digital experiences that cover seven domains of development and learning: Social Emotional, Physical, Language and Communication, Math, Phonological Awareness and Phonics, Social Studies, and Science and Technology

Does Ignite@Home support dual language?

In an effort to better support the families we serve, all experiences are available in both English and Spanish.

How often should my child play?

Parents should feel comfortable letting their children play the high-quality, developmentally appropriate child facing technology throughout the week. Please remember this does not replace other in-person experiences, but rather, reinforces the curricular experiences taught in the classroom, or in the home with the parent.

Why play Ignite@Home vs. another educational app?

Ignite@Home is a digital learning platform designed for children 28 months – five years old. Children play digital curricular experiences, encompassing seven domains of development and learning (Social Emotional, Physical, Language and Communication, Math, Phonics and Phonological Awareness, Social Studies, and Science and Technology). The Ignite platform includes 203 curricular experiences sequenced to build skills necessary for children to be prepared for kindergarten.

Providing child-care in the best of times is hard, and in times of chaos, skilled and trusted early childhood experts are needed to support children and families. Hatch has been in the field for more than three decades, providing teachers, children, and families with engaging, research-based content, that helps ensure each child is met where they are, and helps progress them forward. There are lots of apps available to families, with varying quality, most of which are not allowed in the classroom. Ignite@Home provides families with a resource to ensure learning doesn’t stop and that the time spent is worth it!

Can I install Ignite@Home on more than one device?

Ignite@Home can be installed and played by a single user on multiple devices.

How do I reset my password?

“Forgot Password” links are available from the login screens of Ignite@Home and Hatch Insights.

What are the minimum operating system requirements for Ignite@Home?

Android 6+ and iOS 10+. Please also see the device hardware requirements.

Why can’t I find Ignite@Home in the Apple or Google Store?

Ignite@Home is available in the US and its territories only. If you reside in the US or one of its territories, please use the search function of the Apple or Google store and search for Ignite by Hatch.

Will I be able to see my child’s progress?

At this time, we do not have reporting available for home use. Hatch is committed to providing parents with reports that are valid, robust, and help ensure their child is progressing towards their next developmental milestone.

Does Ignite@Home require internet access?

A high-speed internet connection is required to use Ignite@Home. Ignite@Home has the ability to work offline for up to seven days before requiring an internet connection. Internet is required for product updates and device synchronization so children can pick up their progress where they left off on multiple devices.

Can I remove a child from Ignite@Home?

No. There is no functionality to remove a child once it is created.

Will I as an administrator and/or teacher see the progress of children via my dashboard?

No. All experiences played will not be rolled up to a school or program dashboard. This is an instance of playing at home without connection to the classroom or program.

If my child is already playing Ignite in the classroom, will this continue their play?

No, this is an entirely new instance of play at home. Children will start over and begin their learning journey from the beginning.

Are child photos required?

Yes, the children must have their photo added in order to play.

I have taken a new child photo that does not appear yet in the app. I see the old photo, or a red user icon instead of the new photo. Ensure the device where you’re adding the photo and the device with the app installed both have good internet connections. Be sure you have saved changes to your child’s account with the new photo, and refresh the page to ensure the new photo is applied. Close and relaunch the app. If you don’t see the new photo yet, wait a few minutes, then try again.

My child’s photo appears sideways in the app

If you are taking a photo on your phone or on a tablet, try turning the camera to a different angle, such as from portrait (tall) to landscape (wide).

Can my child play Ignite@Home on my device and then continue their progress from another device?

A child can play on multiple devices and continue their progress. In order to do this, the same parent or guardian who originally set up Ignite@Home will need to log into each device the child will be using. There can only be one parent or guardian assigned to a child at a time. Children cannot be reassigned to a different parent or guardian after registration.

What are the characters names in Ignite@Home?

Henry the Chicken, Gus the Rabbit, Tobe the Robot, Leela the Monkey, and Doctor Fizzmo the Mouse.

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