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Question: I do not have an iStartSmart ELITE subscription, how can I sign up?

Click here to request an upgrade or call us at 800-624-7968 to speak to a sales representative

Question: Does iStartSmart work in Windows 10?

Yes! Please click here for a step-by-step guide. Configuring ECLaunch to auto launch in windows 10 PDF

Question: Is online training available?

Yes, log into Learning Management System (LMS) to access free, online courses.

Question: How do I carry over children into the new school year?

Click here for instructions on how to carry over children from a previous school year. Carry Over Children Guide

Question: My tablet has no sound.

Are the headphones plugged in? Make sure to check the volume button to see whether the volume is turned down or muted. You can also unlock settings (touch the top-right lock and use the password: h@tch), then click on the digital clock in the bottom-right corner, which will open your settings and sound. Select volume and make sure the volume is turned up.

Question: My headphones have no sound.

Unplug the headphones and re-attach them firmly to the tablet. Check the volume button near the top of the left edge of the tablet and make sure the volume is not turned down or muted. If the settings are unlocked (touch the top-right lock and use the password: h@tch), you can click on the digital time indicator in the bottom-right corner and then select sound. Select volume and make sure the volume is turned up.

Question: My device is not connecting to our network.

First, unlock your settings lock (touch the top-right lock and use the password: h@tch), then visit the dropdown menu (3 dots in the top-right corner), select the Teacher option, and touch the Settings and WiFi icon. When the WiFi window appears, it will say "no internet." Make sure WiFi is turned on. If WiFi is turned on, you will see available networks to the right. If you do not see your network there, try another device. If the network still does not show up, contact your local IT department. If you see your WiFi network listed, touch it and enter the password to connect.

Question: How low should I let the battery on the tablet get before I recharge it?

Once the tablet falls below 20%, it will start to shut down unnecessary functions in order to conserve the battery charge and keep the tablet running. We recommend keeping the charge above 20%.

Question: How do I assign a Child in the Report Management System (RMS)?

Log into RMS, then select Child and then assign to class. From the left menu select the children you want to add to the class and select add. The new children should be added to the menu on the right. (RMS)

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