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The Definitive Guide to Grant Writing

Is a grant application deadline looming in the horizon? At Hatch, we know that the grant preparation process in general can b...

Upload Date: Feb 16, 2017


Evaluating Technology Toolkit

Take a research-based approach to selecting the best technology and apps for children and ensure you're on the right path tod...

Upload Date: Feb 1, 2017


STEM Activity Guide

Bringing STEM to Pre-K doesn't have to be scary! This guide includes: A note on the importance of STEM in Pre-K, Five, classr...

Upload Date: Jan 11, 2017


Tablets Buyer Guide

A little research goes a long way to make sure tablets and accompanying software fulfill the special requirements of early ...

Upload Date: Feb 22, 2017


5 Steps to School Readiness

When I listen to people talk about the 21st century classroom I often hear the discussion turn immediately to how to get as ...

Upload Date: Jan 1, 2017


The Vital Guide to Monitoring Child Progress

Learn how you can improve child outcomes in these 5 simple steps for monitoring progress.

Upload Date: Feb 13, 2017


Building Social-Emotional Skills in the Classroom

Building Social Emotional Skills in the classroom using WePlaySmart.

Upload Date: Jan 27, 2017

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