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Make the most of your technology investment with a professional development day with Hatch!

We know that Hatch technology works best when teachers and administrators understand how to use the devices, and when they fe...

Author: Hatch Experts Team
Publish Date: Feb 8, 2018

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Can I add If I'm Mad?

If a child doesn't know how to read, swim, multiply or divide, we teach. But what if a child doesn't know how to perceive or ...

Author: Hatch Experts Team

Publish Date: Jun 5, 2013

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"What's REALLY Happening with Technology in Early Childhood Programs" Your Questions Answered!

What a great way to end our Fall 2013 Hatch Experts series! We had a record turnout for "What's REALLY Happening with Techno...

Author: Ginny Norton

Publish Date: Dec 18, 2013