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Hatch Applauds Eleven Outstanding Educators for Technology Adoption and Student Success

Publish Date: Jun 9, 2014

Early childhood teachers from five states recognized with Hatch Technology Award for excellence in education through technology.

At the National Association for the Education of Young Children Professional Development Institute (NAEYC-PDI) Conference in Minneapolis today, eleven teachers from seven early childhood programs in five states were recognized for their excellence in preparing preschoolers for Kindergarten through the effective use of educational technology. Hatch®, the leading early childhood education technology provider, presented Hatch Technology Awards to the teachers at a special event during the NAEYC-PDI conference.

Hatch Technology Awards were presented to: Janie Bengard, Allendale Elementary (Tennessee), Debbie Brock, Rock Creek Elementary School (Tennessee), Jennifer Calvert, Gilmore Foundation (Mississippi), Elaine Cascio, McBride Early Childhood (Mississippi), Vickie Everett, Ridgecrest Elementary (Alabama), Yolanda Francis, Little Union Learning Center (Louisiana), Michelle Herrera, Workforce Solutions (Texas), Joy Hamon, Gilmore Foundation (Mississippi), Stacie Karstedt, Workforce Solutions (Texas), Jessica Segovia, Gilmore Foundation (Mississippi), and Sabrina Standifer, Gilmore Foundation (Mississippi).

"We select a small group of exceptional early childhood teachers who innovate each day in their classrooms through the appropriate use of digital technologies, producing tangible school readiness results for children," said Ginny Norton, President of Hatch. "Hatch Technology Award winners are part of a nation-wide community of highly successful teachers who use technology to enrich the classroom experience and enable children to better succeed in school and throughout life."

With more than 500,000 children having experienced Hatch in the classroom, the Hatch Technology Award is more than a "teacher of the year" program. Rigorous analysis of year-long performance and technology adoption was conducted using Hatch's cloud-based Report Management System, and only those classrooms with the highest school readiness ratings were considered for the Hatch Technology Award. The final selection was made by a group of educators and industry experts, and represents a true measure of success for teachers and their programs.

About Hatch®, the Early Learning Experts:

Since 1984, Hatch® has transformed the lives of more than 500,000 children with technology and classroom materials that prepare them with essential skills to succeed in school and beyond. From interactive hardware to adaptive software and classroom supplies, Hatch is the leading early learning solutions provider nationwide. Child-appropriate hardware; research-based content tied to standards; and individualized progress monitoring tools combine to create complete classroom solutions that improve fundamental math, literacy, and social-emotional skills. For more information, visit

Aimee Fell, Hatch Marketing Manager


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