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Hatch Early Learning Releases New Kindergarten Readiness Software for Kids

Publish Date: May 11, 2015

Shell Squad Adventures learning software is now available on Hatch tablets for kids, iPads and Hatch All in One computers as part of the all-new iStartSmart Elite Learning Solution.

Hatch, Inc. announces the launch of Shell Squad Adventures, a new Kindergarten readiness software that combines automated progression rules with advanced gaming functionality to teach preschoolers 18 core early literacy and math skills. The new software for kids determines each child's individual learning level in real time to advance them through 18 different adventures rich in brilliant graphics.

"The goal of the Hatch team as we developed Shell Squad Adventures was to support teachers as they prepare children for success in school," said Ginny Norton, Hatch President. "The system determines which game each child plays based on how he played during previous sessions, so teachers don't have to select apps each day."

Two animated characters, Luna the moth and Orwell the owl, are introduced with a captivating storyline. They join the original three Shell Squad software characters, Henry the chick, Platty the platypus and Cami the Chameleon on a quest through 18 new worlds to help Orwell the owl find missing artifacts for his museum. "The new storyline found in Shell Squad Adventures is based on the latest research that shows appropriate software for young children blends intrinsic and extrinsic motivation," said Susan Gunnewig, Vice President of Hatch Product Development. "The children also develop empathy as they play the games with a goal of helping their friends."

Shell Squad Adventures is available now for Hatch Tablets, Hatch All-in-One Computers and iPads. Shell Squad Adventures also includes these features:

  • 18 Kindergarten readiness skill development games focus on early literacy and math
  • Blended intrinsic and extrinsic motivation system for each skill
  • Storyline helps children develop empathy as they help the software characters solve a problem
  • Children develop a sense of story, understanding that stories have a beginning, a middle and an ending
  • Patented Authentic Child Log-in allows each child independent access by selecting their own picture
  • Robust progress monitoring tools allow teachers to personalize learning for each child
  • Automated progression rules determine the child progression to the areas without teacher intervention
  • An animated tutorial explains how to play each game
  • Research-based and child-tested software
  • A licensed speech pathologist pronounces words and sounds where appropriate

The software is delivered on the new iStartSmart Elite Learning Solution, which includes the Hatch Report Management System (RMS). The Hatch RMS creates reports that show what children understand and what skills they are struggling with, establishing a more personalized learning environment in the classroom. The Hatch RMS also allows administrators to monitor performance improvements across all classrooms in a school, or across all schools in a district. Along with Shell Squad Adventures, iStartSmart Elite includes a variety of early learning games, books, and puzzles that have been hand-selected by Hatch's early childhood experts.

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About Hatch®, the Early Learning Experts:

Since 1984, Hatch® has transformed the lives of young children with technology and classroom materials that prepare them with essential skills to succeed in school and beyond. From interactive hardware to adaptive software and classroom supplies, Hatch is the leading early learning solutions provider nationwide. Child-appropriate hardware; research-based content tied to standards; and individualized progress monitoring tools combine to create complete classroom solutions that improve fundamental math, literacy, and social-emotional skills. For more information, visit

Aimee Fell
Hatch Marketing Manager


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