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Hatch, Inc. Releases New Software that Creates a Bridge from Preschool to Kindergarten

Publish Date: Jan 4, 2016

Hatch has released Winter Pack, an upgrade to its iStartSmart® Elite Shell Squad Adventures software that includes four new games that build entry-level kindergarten skills.

Hatch Early Learning, a leader in early childhood technology and software developed from evidence-based research, announces an upgrade to its child-directed software based on research and national standards that introduces entry-level kindergarten skills to preschool children. Winter Pack is released as an upgrade provided exclusively to iStartSmart® Elite subscription users.

Winter Pack is available now for Hatch Tablets and Hatch All-in-One Computers and supports children in building the following new kindergarten entry skills:

  • Addition and Subtraction - Two Numeric Operation Skills
  • Blending and Deleting Onset-Rime and Phonemes -Three Pre-Requisite Skills for Phonics Instruction

"Our iStartSmart teachers have contacted us asking for games for their children to play after they have finished the 18 preschool games," said Ginny Norton, Hatch President. "Winter Pack is an answer to this request. The games provide an extension of the original 18 skills. "

"The goal of our Product Development team was to develop software games that allow preschool children to experience beginning kindergarten in literacy and mathematics when they are ready," said Susan Gunnewig, Vice President of Hatch Product Development. "Teachers can create a sense of pride for their classroom and parents by demonstrating children can progress into kindergarten entry skills without waiting for the first day of kindergarten."

iStartSmart® Elite is the most advanced solution for pre-K and entry-level kindergarten with child-tested games that they actually want to play! Complete with intrinsic and extrinsic motivation learning games in English and Spanish, the software also records each child's progress as they learn at their own pace. Game levels progress in difficulty based on the child's understanding of the different learning concepts.

Kindergarten intervention programs can use Shell Squad Adventures to address child intervention requirements for pre-kindergarten and entry-level kindergarten math and literacy skills. The addition of Winter Pack allows teachers to address additional skill deficiencies in their classroom. With iStartSmart® Elite's personalized child progress reporting, teachers can support the IDEA Tier 3 standard of providing an individualized program for each child. Teachers can even print out each child's progress to put in their IEP.

To learn more about iStartSmart Elite Winter Pack visit For more about Hatch, visit, call 800.624.7968, follow the Hatch blog or follow updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About Hatch®, the Early Learning Experts:
Since 1984, Hatch® has transformed the lives of young children with technology and classroom materials that prepare them with essential skills to succeed in school and beyond. From interactive hardware to adaptive software and classroom supplies, Hatch is the leading early learning solutions provider nationwide. Child-appropriate hardware; research-based content tied to standards; and individualized progress monitoring tools combine to create complete classroom solutions that improve fundamental math, literacy, and social-emotional skills. For more information, visit

Aimee Fell
Hatch Director of Customer Marketing


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