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Ignite by Hatch™ is a digital learning tool for preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten that accelerates whole child development across 7 domains with emphasis on social emotional, mathematics, and literacy.

  1. There are approved apps and programs, but we definitely want to instill in everyone that Ignite by Hatch is the one they should be using because it is standards-based.

    - Michelle Starr, M.Ed, District Pre-Kindergarten Coordinator, Collier County Public Schools
  2. The children are very engaged with Ignite! I'm glad you have both English and Spanish; it's good for children to use their language and learn through problem solving. Ignite  reinforces our curriculum and the children are improving! Joanne Duncan, Business Child Development Teacher
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Ignite Accelerated Learning in Your Program Today!

  • Consistently reimagining and designing for children’s engagement and curiosity.
  • Research-backed software developed with a whole-child approach for dynamic use both in and out of the classroom.
  • Affording educators a digital tool that not only supports seven domains of learning, but complements the curriculum already in use.
  • Instant, actionable data generated at a rapid speed to ensure children are learning at appropriate levels.
  • Games available in both Spanish and English to honor native languages in the classroom.

Hear from Ignite Ambassadors

Lisa Kulick, an educator from Jefferson Parish School District, speaks about the impact Ignite has made on children's engagement in learning.

"...it's just so engaging; they cannot wait until the next day when it's their turn again to get on the iPad, and what I like about it as a teacher is that I can go in every morning and see their progress..."

Extend Your Reach with Ignite:

  • Quality SEL activities and lessons
  • Actionable data to inform instruction through the Insights dashboard
  • Purposeful practice through independent learning 
  • Kindergarten readiness growth tracking
  • Dual-language support
  • Accessible in and out of the classroom
  • Home-school partnerships
  • Small group student rostering recommendations
  • Additional, offline activities and lessons
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Measuring the Impact:

  • Ignite by Hatch supports children in over 6,000 schools nationwide!
  • Over 125,000 children are enjoying accelerated learning with Ignite
  • 47,979 children have grown two levels or more over the past school year as a result of playing Ignite