Training Options Designed for Your Needs

Like you, we know that your program functions best when the children, teachers and administrators are fully engaged with the curriculum and the tools you've put in the classroom. That's why we offer a variety of effective training options to boost the value of your Hatch investment.

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Live Online Training

Getting started means getting the right start.


Certainly one of the easiest, most efficient and most economical options, online training is ideal for larger groups that can log in together or remotely. All that's needed is a reliable Internet connection from your own device. Hosted in a webinar-style environment, online training allows one of our specialists to walk you and your team through everything step-by-step; from classroom management to lesson planning and curriculum alignment.

Trainers are available before or after the sessions to answer any questions you have. We even have a live chat with a trainer standing by to answer questions during the session. These sessions are on specific dates and require registration. At the end of each session, a professional development certificate will be available. Free and unlimited.

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Technology Training Mini-Series

30 minutes is all you need to complete a session.


When you can't make it to an online training session, our on-demand option is just like being there. Perfect for your lunch break, downtime or at home. Here, we’ve recorded and stored several of our classic training sessions, which are great refreshers for the start of the school year and a first introduction to the technology solutions in your classroom.

New and returning teachers will both benefit from watching this mini-series throughout the school year. These webinars address things like device setup, selecting activities, appropriate use in the classroom and introduction to using the Hatch reporting tools, too. All at your fingertips, 24 hours a day. Includes a printable certificate of completion for each training. Free and unlimited.

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Self-Paced Learning

Convenient, flexible, relevant, and easy.


Available 24/7 from any internet-supported device, these self-guided individual modules are perfect for the motivated new teacher who is looking to get ahead or as a refresher for returning educators. With this program, you get to know the fundamentals, the features, the settings and the resources built into every Hatch learning solution. Dive into the latest research-based teaching approaches.

Curated by Hatch product development experts, these courses allow you to explore a collection of topics and products to find the right course for you. You can even earn a certificate for successfully completing each course. Become a lifetime learner and join the Hatch user community today. Free and unlimited.

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On-site Custom Training

Purchase a Professional Development day customized for your program.



If you are looking for a fully immersive experience with any size group, this may be the ideal solution for you. Conducted in-person and on-location - and tailored to your specific organization, curriculum and goals - our trainers work side by side with your team.

These training sessions are scheduled in advance with a Hatch certified trainer to work with your schedule and needs. We arrive prepared to provide an in-depth look at how Hatch technology can not only save teachers time, but empower them. And beyond training with devices, working with reports and integrating Hatch technology into the classroom, we can also help you design lesson plans, boost essential skills, plan daily activities and build upon each child's individual development. It truly is the strongest way to accelerate the success of your teachers, your students and your investment in Hatch.

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