We Can Make It Better - Hatch Technical Support

Tucker Kopf
Oct. 27, 2020
Ignite by Hatch™ | Technical Support

In the past month have you had to…

  • Download and install something you’ve never used before?
  • Update software?
  • Figure out how to use it?
  • Connect a webcam, headset, or microphone?
  • Reset your password?
  • Reset your password again?
  • Figure out the places in your home where the wifi won’t disconnect?
  • Wonder why the computer or the tablet just isn’t doing that thing it’s supposed to?
  • Have you muttered curses at inanimate objects?

If you gave a “yes” to some or all of these I bet you’ve talked to someone like me recently. I work in tech support at Hatch where I help you open doors. Technology can be a door to educational experiences and to other people, but too often it’s a door with rusted hinges that likes to get stuck and sometimes the knob just falls off when you turn it. But don’t worry, I got this. I’m a door expert and we’re going through.

Don’t talk computer? Not a problem. Just tell me what you see on the screen and we’ll go from there using nothing but normal human speak. The challenges of remote learning or implementing new health and safety guidelines are hard enough without having to learn a foreign language.

Just yesterday I spoke with a parent who works from home in Maryland and was at her wit’s end trying to facilitate distance learning for three kids all by herself. Her youngest son was using Ignite by Hatch, and his teacher told her to call support because she couldn’t see his progress. I could tell she was frustrated, thinking she was doing something wrong. After addressing the problem, we commiserated a little about how hard the year has been. There was a lot she was stressed out about, but I was happy I could take one thing off her mind. Not the most technical of issues but It was probably the best call I had that day.

I learn a lot from the people that call in for help. As a parent or educator in America right now you have a lot of real-world perspective that I take seriously. Just a few of the many things that YOU told me about in the last few months: You needed parents to able to add photos to their children’s profile in Ignite. You needed a new Setup Progress report for program administrators. You needed a smaller mobile stand for your Interactive Display to fit through narrow doorways. Tech Support brought your perspectives to our developers and now these and many other features are part of our products. And dozens more enhancements are on the way as the result of your feedback.

This year is a special kind of crazy--some might even say it’s awful—but we’ve no choice but to get through it. There’s a lot at stake and every hour of every day counts when we’re talking about children’s education. Right now technology is a necessary part of what is going to make this work so whether it’s distance, virtual, hybrid, or in-person we know you need to stay on top of things and in touch. So, the next time you find yourself about to verbally abuse a hunk of metal, plastic and computer code, call in some reinforcements.