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Capture Child Gameplay Down to the Second!

Written By: Hatch Experts Team

Publish Date: Feb 22, 2017

time is time screen shot

At Hatch, we are dedicated to developing thoughtful, innovative solutions so that every child is prepared for success in school. We are also committed to finding ways to give early childhood educators the best experience possible when using technology in the classroom.

With that in mind - we have made it even easier for teachers to see EVERY moment of child gameplay when using our iStartSmart® solution!

iStartSmart Elite tablets and computers will now show every second played on child progress reports. As your class plays the recommended 30 minutes per week, you will see your class is making great strides toward kindergarten readiness on a daily basis!

In order to stay up to date with our latest product innovations and releases, all Hatch technology solutions must be connected to the internet. Click here for steps to connect iStartSmart® Tablets or iStartSmart® Computers to the internet.

Need help? Remember, we're here to help you every step of the way! Call Hatch Tech Support today at 800.624.7968 option 4.

Be on the lookout for more innovative product enhancements to make your teaching experience using Hatch Technology a successful one

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